Thursday, November 17, 2016

Progressing along..

Yes, I am still here. Thank God I don't blog for a living eh? Sometimes I open up to a new post and just stare at the screen. I think of all the things I could write but don't feel it is interesting. I don't know what is wrong with me. I want to write. I want to read your views and thoughts. My fingers and brain just don't want to cooperate. Maybe I can blame in on my CP?

I'm kidding!

Gotta say postoperatively has been up and down. I went for my six month check up this two weeks ago. Doc  reassures me the pain I'm experiencing is normal as well as the difficulty swallowing.  What was encouraging is the doctor told me he would me monitoring my progress for at least a year. It is how long it takes to recover and see if the surgery helped. He said it could be a little longer for me since I have my other issues. "SIGH"

He gave me the okay to drive. Ironically, as much as it aggravated me that I couldn't  just get up and go, I've not had an inkling to do so.  My first drive was to pay the water bill and it was okay as it was less traffic and only a couple of miles. It is awkward because I can't turn my neck as before and it continues to hurt when I move it constantly.

Yesterday, I had to go to my eye doctor (more frustrating news) and then I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things. The drive was about about 30 miles for the entire trip.  As I was walking into my house I was feeling dizzy and weak and my neck was hurting from turning it so much because people are freaking crazy on the road.

We take so much for granted and really don't think how  all of our body parts work together. Turning my head to drive was difficult and it totally aggravated the pain. But doc said as much as I move it will heal better.

I still cannot pick up anything heavier than a gallon of milk. I promise I don't want to anyway. As I chuckled with Hubby one time, normally I usually can't pick up more than a gallon of milk anyway. Well, not too much more anyway.

I've gone back to cooking and some daily chores. When my body says stop I do. I try anyway. But then I am wiped out for the rest of the day.

I have to give my awesome Husband some credit in my recovery. For the first weeks he did everything to keep the house running and taking care of me. He made sure I took my meds. He cooked and bathed me. He helped me in so many little ways that I am so thankful for. He showed genuine concern and care for me. 

I know you are thinking I SHOULD feel that way. I know this but with my child's father I never felt that way with him when I needed him the most.

When Hubby had to go back to work, he would put everything on the counter for me to use for my meals. He called me at lunch and before he came home.  I am blessed.

Good thing is I do have improvement in my legs. No more shooting pains and I can walk a lot more without hurting so much. YAY!

I want you to know I do read my followers blogs and others. I just don't respond but I will try to do so more in the near future. Thanks for the good wishes you've sent me through email, Facebook and here.  I want you to know that even when I'm not diligent, when I come back you are always here. I am humbly grateful. Thank you!

Until next time.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Post Op Surgery

Its been a month since my surgery. I feel like its been six months. I was warned it could be a slow recovery.  It is still hard though. I admit I'm not the most patient person in the world when it comes to recovery.

In general the surgery was a success. I have no more pain in my hips when I walk. I still get some shocking pains in my feet but not like before.

I still have pain from surgery but it is to be expected. Tylenol takes care of it.

My swallowing is worse than before. I understand they had to intubate me, as they had to move my trachea and esophagus to make a passageway. The doc and report said everything was put back. Nevertheless the swallowing is bad. Doc and nurse keeps reassuring me  it'll get better as time goes by. I'm not like any 'normal' patient. It seems it takes me forever to recover.

For those who don't know what intubate is, its when a tube is placed into the trachea through the mouth into my airway and put on a ventilator that pushes air into the lungs. When the anesthesiologist told me they were going to do that I nearly freaked. 

The first few weeks I scared the crap out of MyHubby (and myself). I couldn't tuck my chin to chest as I usual do to swallow so it was a challenge. The pill and water would go down but some of the water would go into my trachea causing me to gasp and cough. I couldn't breathe. It felt like I was drowning. Folks, that is a very scary feeling. Trust me.

Thank God MyHubby is the calm one. Of course, it is not him going through the experience. HA!  He was scared but he calmly talked me into taking slower breaths and be less panicky until I got my breath back. 

It is getting better but something is just not right. Hopefully, they are right and it'll get better.

Because of the discomfort I have good nights and bad nights.  When I wake up sometimes its like my head is locked in place. I eventually turn it (very slowly)  but it is excruciating pain.

I can't get into a good position. I normally sleep on two pillows because of my GERD and COPD. But the pressure causes a pain from the neck to my  head whether I am on my side or back. I definitely can't sleep one pillow. I tried sitting up sleeping but I end up on my back and in weird positions.

One day I feel great and the next I can feel like crap. I wish it was more consistent. I am so tired of doing nothing. I was craving rice and gravy. Hubby cooks (mostly microwave) and he does it well but he doesn't know how to make gravy. One day I decided to cook. Hubby had put the pot on the stove. I made it simpler than I usually do I threw some pork chops in the pot with onions and bell peppers then threw a can of black eyed peas. I was so exhausted after and hurt all over the next day. Yea, it taught me a lesson.

MyHubby has been so awesome. He has been supportive and helpful.

Next week I have my follow-up appointment and I have a list of things to discuss with him. 

Anyway, some of you have been asking me so I thought I'd write a short post. Thanks for your support, love and concern.

Until next time..

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I've been rather busy. Two days after our long wait at my surgeon's office we were waiting for Hubby's dental surgeon. (This time it was about 2 hours.)  He has to prepare for an implant etc.  Thank goodness Hubby has perfect hygiene because this situation could be a lot worse.

Yesterday I went to Pre-op. I decided to go earlier for two reasons.

As mentioned before Hubby is having dental surgery the week before. Since the dental surgeon knew people (He is the only one in practice at that office ha!) we were able to schedule it before my surgery.

Two, ff the test shows something wrong, hopefully we'll be able to fix it before surgery.

Everything went rather smoothly. I was able to park close to the door for starters. Woohoo!

They called me at the exact time my appointment was scheduled. Double woohoo!

They were impressed with my well organized list of medicines and surgical history. Hey! I've been dong this for years I can't remember everything.

One piece of news they gave me absolutely made my day. I weigh 88 pounds. I gained 20 pounds since my visit with my pulmonologist a few months ago. YAY!

Of course, they needed some urine and I be darned if I couldn't pee! I made a point of drinking before I left. I think I get a mind block when I am told to pee at that moment. My brain just doesn't cooperate. The sweet compassionate nurse said it was no problem and she would give me some water (She did!) and hopefully by the time we were finished with the paperwork, EKG and bloodwork, I'll be able too. She was right. Thank you Jesus!

After everything was done the nurse escorted me down the long hall (It seemed long to me.) to x-ray and that's where I waited for about an hour. After my x-ray was done the technician gave me a bookmark with a prayer of St. Francis de Sales. 

I read it when I returned home. WOW! I believe God talked to me through this girl and bookmark. I have a feeling I'll be praying this prayer until surgery because the last line hit me in the gut.  I can't find my camera and it seems there are different versions of the prayer online. I wanted it to share it with you. If the color or font bothers you, let me know.

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

Be at Peace
Do not look forward in fear to the changes 
and chances of this life; 
Rather, look at them with full confidence
as they arise.
God, whose very own you are,
will lead you safely through them.
God has guided you thus far in life. Only
hold fast to his dear hand and 
God will lead you safely through all things, and
when you can't stand, God will bare you his arms.

Do not fear what may
happen tomorrow;
the same everlasting Father who
cares for you today will take care 
of you tomorrow and every day.
God will either shield you from suffering 
or will give you unfailing strength to bear it. 
Be at peace,
 then, and put aside all anxious thoughts 
and imaginations.

I hope it helps someone! Time to get ready to see my BabyGirl, who I have not seen for months, it seems.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Squeezed Spine

Yesterday I received an answer of why I'm having pain. It was a long exhausting day.  My appointment was at 11:30. We arrived at 11. You never know how traffic is going to be so we left a little early. They called us in at 11:30 like a herd of cattle, calling 3 people at one time. We were herded into a X-ray waiting room. I was confused as well as another person.

They started calling names and directed each of us to a different x-ray room. I asked the X-ray tech why was I getting an X-ray when I had MRI's. Her first question was what pain did I have.(WTH?) My first thought was she should know this if she read my chart. Being the nice cooperative patient I am (most of the time) I answered her. She said my doctor wanted an x-ray to see how my spine moves in different positions. I didn't really accept that answer wholeheartedly but continued to be the little good patient I am.

She took one x-ray and was called out of the room. (HUH?) A second later her head pops into the door and told me to take a seat. (WTH?) 

She finally comes in and asks me about the tests I had before. I told her and she went back out again.  (WTF??) Another 15 minutes later, she came in and apologized saying that because of my questions they went ask the doctor to confirm if he wanted the x-rays. She finished the x-rays. I was sent back to the x-ray waiting room.

We waited.  

And we waited. 

We waited some more. We were chitchatting with the other patient and her family making comments how long it was taking. When I sit or stand too long in certain positions my pain is threefold. The chairs were uncomfortable. I kept sitting and standing and walking to the door staying there to see what was going on. I saw nurses walking in and out of rooms. It was a long wait. When the doctor's nurse walked by and saw me standing against the door frame she said they were waiting for a room. 

Ironically, two minutes later she called my name. The other patient said that her appointment was before mine which was true. So the nurse told us both to follow her. Hubby said as we were walking he saw several rooms empty. I told him it was probably for another doctor's patien[pts but who knows.

We were one step closer. Again, we waited and waited. It was past 1 pm.  I told Hubby the doctor was going to come in and ask how I'm doing. My answer was going to be I'm hurting, my blood pressure is probably high from trying to be patient, my bladder is full and my tummy is empty, what does he think? It lightened our moods.

About two and a quarter hours after my appointment time the doctor FINALLY walks in. He examined my hands and shoulders etc. Then he stated my worse fear! DAMN!

I have to have surgery. I knew it in the back of my mind but had a glimmer of hope. 

A short summary is my C-5-C6 disc is herniated and its "squeezing my spinal cord to death"  His exact words. It is severe. (What is new with my old worn out body?)  I told you nothing is every minor.

He said he doesn't think PT would help especially with my spasticity. He is afraid it will get worse and more problems arises. Without surgery, it definitely will not get better. I could actually lead to paralysis or death. Of course the side effects of the surgery are the same. But the pros override the cons. He spent a a long time with us being thorough about our concerns.

We walked out at 2:15. Is that ridiculous or what?

It will be a long recovery.  It is going to be hard to be dependent on someone else for every day needs for 6-8 weeks, if nothing goes wrong. I'm blessed to have my Hubby take his vacation days to care for me and my family to help after he has to go to work.  That is now the hardest thing to think about. 

If you are at all interested the surgery is ACDF (Anterior Cervical Disectomy and Fusion and click the link to check it out. I think it is cool the way they do that.  I've always been interested in surgical procedures. I would prefer not on myself though.

Sorry this was so long!

Until next time...

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Monday, July 18, 2016

It Is The Doctor's Responsibility To Give Patients Information

I understand doctors are busy. They see patients and deal with patients' prescription refills. I know they have heaps of paper work to go through to get paid for the insurances to pay for meds or pay their fee. 

However, I believe if they order a test or x-ray it is their responsibility to give the patient results that are clear and complete.  If they have their nurse call he should tell her exactly what to tell the patient in detail.

I understand most patients don't want to know or won't understand it clearly. But it is their right have a choice.

For over a year I've had neck pain that has gradually radiated to my back, arms and legs.The pain has worsen and numbness, tingling and weakness has developed.

Last year when my dad had his bad accident, my awesome physician said it just might be stress and put me on Baclofen but it wasn't for me. I let time pass taking hot showers and swallowing Ibuprofen to ease the pain.

Recently  I went back to my family physician and he decided to do a MRI of my neck. It showed degenerative disc disease which is normal for my age but after discussing further he referred me to a orthopedic doctor.

The good patient I am, I obeyed and saw the orthopedic doctor. He informed me that most pain and symptoms I've been having usually comes from the neck. However, to cover all the bases he ordered an MRI of my back (since I'm not your ordinary patient.) What is minor for "usual" patients, it is worse for me. It's been my life for 53 years.

The nurse called me a day later after my MRI and told me the orthopedist decided to send me to a orthopedic surgeon because the problem is coming from the neck. I asked her for more information but she didn't have any.

I was furious. But what can you do? If I see the orthopedic doctor again I will have a discussion with him.  

I've been fretting over what could be going on.  When I talked to the orthopedic doctor I was adamant that surgery would be my last option. I am (probably unfounded) paranoid about someone doing surgery on my neck and back.

Since the office has a patient portal I was able to see the orthopedist's diagnosis and it is scaring me. I looked up every diagnosis although I knew something about all of them. This fear would be less if I was given more information besides "it is the neck." I knew that already.. "SIGH"

Have anyone had this happen to you? Has your doctor given you meds, instructions or referrals without a full explanation?

Until next time..

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hubby's 40th High School Class Reunion

Last weekend Hubby and I went to his 40th High school class reunion. It was in Satellite Beach Florida.  I don't think there is any other reunion like it.

Friday night was a social gathering with a disc jockey and appetizers. It was so much fun watching them dance. 

Saturday morning was a paddle out and memorial which I had never seen before. It was a beautiful ceremony.

After the memorial we had our own time. At four was the 'reunion" There was a meal of hot dogs and hamburgers and everyone again socialized. It went way over the expected end time.

If I don't know people I wouldn't call myself a social butterfly. It was my Hubby's classmates and unlike him I don't just go up to someone and start talking so I stayed at the table most of the time. 


But that is okay.  It was my Hubby's time. I thought it was ironic that through the months before he was a little anxious because he kept saying he probably wouldn't know anyone.  Obviously he did. 

Everyone had a good time. I met some good people. I can now put a face to a name. Yahoo!

Did I mention it was hot? I have to admit Florida's heat and humidity wasn't as bad as Louisiana's. The beach breeze was a life saver.

One of my Hubby's former classmates said your goal for a reunion is to meet at least one person. She was right.

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mothers Always Know What Their Kids Need

Yesterday I went see yet a new doctor for a persistent new problem.  When I was given the potential diagnosis and the treatment I starting seeing the black hole swallowing me. I tried thinking I need to just wait for other test results. 

But on the other hand regardless of the results I'm just tired of it all. I have no clue how much more my body can take.

I needed to talk to someone. Hubby was my first thought but he was at work. I didn't want to call BabyGirl because I know how much she worries about me already and didn't want to wake her up. So I called my dependable mom but I got her answering machine. I left her message with me half crying so I wasn't sure if she understood me or not. I came home and wrote my sister a note because I know she sometimes know where Mom is and will call her until she contacts her.

The whole day passed. I had to return to the office to get more MRIs. Of course, when I was having the MRI, my mom left me a message that she had talked to my sister. She loved me and was there for me anytime and anywhere. Everything would be okay and we'll get through this too. 

When I returned home I called her. She could tell I was losing it. I was frustrated. I was scared. I was angry. She said, "Let it out." I sobbed uncontrollably until I couldn't anymore. She talked me down and she encouraged me as she always does. I wish I had a stronger faith as she does.

Isn't it awesome that mothers just know what their kids need at a given time?

I hope and pray I am at least half of the mother she is.

Until next time

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Women Are Disgusting in Public Restrooms

You hear women say their husbands/boyfriends/kids are disgusting. I hear wives saying things like their husbands pee on the toilet seat and they are slobs among a few. 

Well let me tell ya!

Hubby and I went to his 40th class reunion in Florida. We had a few stops along the way because our bladders just couldn't hold 14 hours of urine. The majority of the women bathrooms were disgusting. There was toilet paper all over the floor, in the sink and stopping up the toilet. One toilet had poop ON the seat. I saw used tampons and sanitary pads in toilets. One was on top of the diaper changer. Many toilets were not not flushed

One bathroom I walked right out and told Hubby I wasn't using that one.

I suspect a few bathrooms were from teenager or kid works of vandalism.

I feel for the person who has to clean the messes. My stomach would not be able to take it and I was a nurse dealing with other people's poops and other bodily fluids.

Until next time...

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Stupid Questions from Reporters and Sportscasters

Have you ever noticed the stupid questions news reporters, sportscasters and others ask?

After a loss, they'll ask, "How are you feeling?"  (Oh yea! I feel so great, I just lost)

Or after a win, "How is that feeling to win?" (Oh man I wish I would have lost!)

I feel for the players and coaches when they have to stand up after the game and answer stupid questions during the post game conference. Our LSU coach Les Miles has had some great subtle comebacks to those kind of questions.

I say they should just not answer but Hubby says that is part of the deal being on a team.

One person who really gets on my nerves is Dancing With The Stars, Erin Andrews. I think she should have stayed solely being sportscaster. She embarrasses the contestants and hounds them for the scoop. Or tries to make something out of nothing on the romance side. She is annoying to me.

I've had this draft forever and thought I'll post it today.

Until next time..

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Victoria Has Gained Her Wings

I haven't written awhile because a lot of things have been going on mostly medically with me but I'm still kicking. Nothing as severe as what I am going to tell you.

I have sad news. BabyGirl's best friend has succumbed to the ugly cancer she has been fighting. She is now in the arms of angels with no pain. She was only 24 years old.

BabyGirl is obviously taking it hard but I know she is strong enough to get through. She told me she talked to her the day before. I am thankful for that.

I can't imagine what her husband or parents are going through.

I have known Victoria for about 10 years. She practically lived at my house at times.

She was strong, independent, bold and herself. There will never be another Victoria on this earth. She was such a special human being. May she rest in peace now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Mother's Day 2016

I hope everyone had an awesome Mother's day. I can say I had an extended one.

Friday, Hubby and I joined my parents with my mom's side of the family at their monthly outing.  One of the beautiful things to mention is that MyHubby gave my Mom a Mother's Day card from himself. It touched my heart. OMG my mom was in tears. I know it touched her.

Saturday was a quiet day. We spend time at God's place.

Sunday we were invited to my brother-in-laws. So we celebrated with them. They had boiled crabs and they were so delicious. For dessert we had watermelon. Does anyone know that I love watermelon! I hadn't eaten boiled crabs in ages. Thank you to Grady and Camille!

Since Hubby took a four day weekend we went on an outing. A few years ago BabyGirl had gone to
CandyLand Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe. She had brought back one of my favorite candies, big Sweetarts. I've been wanting to go there ever since.

They sell many kinds of 'old-fashioned candy" such as candy cigarettes, jawbreakers, gummibears, lemon heads, pixie six and much more.

Here's the small stash we bought. Hubby says the Cinnamons are delicious.
This is our candy bowl after adding our purchases.. You would think we had kids with so much candy and cookies around this household.

After browsing and picking our candy, Hubby bought him a strawberry ice cream cone which he thoroughly enjoyed. I found chocolate fudge. OMG it was so good!! I so love chocolate! I onlybought a small piece. I wish I had bought a bigger piece or more pieces.

This is only a third of the piece I originally had. Look how thick it is! It is so gooey creamy inside. Melts in your moth. It is so rich I can only eat a bite or two at a time. It is like biting into heaven.

To top it all off today BabyGirl treated me to Wings, gave me a lovely card and spend special time with me on her day off. How blessed am I! She also bought Randal's supper since he couldn't join us.

Hubby gave me a card too. It was so us! I laughed. I

I also would like to announce  BABYGIRL has been accepted into grad school after a short hiatus from school. I am one proud Mama. (I don't remember if I announced it already. Oh well if I did, you get to hear it twice!)

Until next time!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Best Buy Customer Service Salesman

Sunday, Hubby and I had to go get his vest from work because he was going to work at another store. Since we had to make a trip across town we decided to stop at Best Buy because we are in search of a CD Player to hook up to his antiquated stereo system.  Now, I'm not putting down his stereo system I'm just saying it is older than most. Who owns a record player nowadays? Well his stereo includes one.

I don't go to Best Buy much. Hubby usually drops by sometimes to get certain things. He worked there for a short time before we met. Our experience with customer service has been less than satisfactory. I avoid it for the most part. I'll order online but otherwise, next to Lowe's and Walmart it is one of my least favorite places to go to. They're just big and I think it is so much extra walking.

Anyway, we were in the store looking for the CD player. After a few times up and down aisles I had enough and suggested to Hubby to ask someone. He said, "Nah!"

A young salesperson, who probably just graduated from high school,  finally walked up to us and asked if we needed help. Hubby walked away. I told the salesperson what we were looking for. He was showing us DVD players. Hubby walked back and explained to to him more and said that is not what he wanted.

What did he do? He haphazardly pointed in a general direction and said, "Over there." He then just walked away.

I was so shocked for a minute. "Really but what's over there and mimicked his asinine pointing," to no one in particular.  We had to laugh because it was ridiculous. We did walk in the general direction we were pointed to but there were just boom boxes.

Hubby said, "I told you. I never expect them to be able to help. Next time I'll listen or better yet just let him go without me.

It was so ridiculous I started giggling and kept doing my impression of the rep the rest of the day. We walked out with no purchases.

If Hubby had done that at his job he would have definitely been fired. I did email a comment about experience.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Story of Revenge

I decided to go on a mini vacation alone. It had been hectic and just needed to get away.

In a small town about 100 miles from home I exited the elevator in a "lavish" Holiday Inn to reach my room. It didn't look like anything I had seen on the Internet. Not sure where the lavish came from.

There were several young people hanging out in the hall.  Walking over legs I arrived at my door, slipped the card key in and let myself in. The room was mediocre. It needed some painting and updates. But I let it go.  I didn't plan on staying in the room because my itinerary was quite full. 

Later when I left to find a restaurant for dinner the young people were still there. They weren't noisy and had not disturbed me.

I did have a fleeing thought wondering why were they there? Homeless? Nothing to do?  They were a mixture of races: African Americans, one or two Hispanics, a Korean and several Caucasians. I admit I am not good at estimating ages but it would be safe to say their ages were between 17-25.

Everyone seemed happy, laughing and drinking. They said hello and welcomed me to their city. A pudgy Caucasian white girl offered me some punch. I graciously accepted it and took a sip.

I know! Yes, my mother taught me never to take anything to drink or eat from a stranger. It was humid and hot. You step out of the door and you are sweating. After all, they were being friendly. Right?

The next thing I knew I was laying on the dirty carpeted floor of my hotel room.  My vision was distorted. Everything was white and twisted. I heard the young people laughing. I saw movement in front of me but couldn't distinguish who or what it was.  Suddenly I realized I had been trying to move but I couldn't. It was a terrifying feeling.  I was not bound in any way. I was paralyzed. I tried saying something but nothing came out.

Shortly, a black silhouette was in front of me. I could feel and smell his smoky liquor breath on my cheek. I wanted to gag. The voice was laughing and saying, "I'm going to have some fun with this one. I'm gonna rape her." He used more expletives describing in detail what his plans were. I was terrified!

"No, man! You can at least wait until she is awake so she can really enjoy it," was the reply from a different male voice laughing behind me. I could feel movement around me like they were jumping around.  At that moment I realized I needed to play like I was still unconscious until I came up with a plan.

It seemed months were passing by before my vision came back to normal and I was able to move During the day the hooligans were there laughing as they planned what they were gonna do to me. At night they were gone. One of them even showed concern that I had not waken up yet.

When they left late at night I had a lot of alone time to think in the darkness. 

I decided I wouldn't show any signs in front of them because I knew I couldn't overtake all of them. Looking around I saw my Henry Pump Action Octagon .22 rifle hanging on the wall. I was confused. Why did they take everything else but not the rifle? I knew I had more ammo under the mattress. I confirmed then these people were really stupid. 

The next day as I continued to play possum they returned even more vile and rowdy. 

Night finally returned and they left. I wobbly got to my feet. My legs were heavy and stiff.  I was weak, hungry and dehydrated. When I finally stood up I walked around  shaking my arms to get the blood circulating. I then grabbed my rifle and ammo. I pushed a chair to a space where I was on the side of the door a few feet away. I waited.

Surprisingly, I did not have to wait for long. The wannabe rapist came strutting early in the morning alone. His pants down to his knees showing his ugly green and purple plaid underwear. He stopped at the door. When he didn't see me on the floor his head whip lashed back and forth until he saw my shadow. I stepped out with my gun aimed at his head and warned him, "Do. Not. Move.  I will kill you if you do."

When he saw the barrel of my rifle his eyes widened. His hands flew up and he stammered, "I'm so so sorry. Don't shoot!" He was whining like a baby.

Furiously, I shouted, "You SOB wanted to rape me huh? "

He begged, "No! No! Please!  Don't shoot me! I wasn't going to rape you. I was just playing around."

With the rifle still aimed I said, "I heard everything all of you said and saw what you did. You don't joke about this. It is payback time." I pulled the trigger. The bullet flew into his knee. The wannabe rapist fell to his side yelping.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! It hurts. Don't shoot me again please! I beg you man!" he pleaded.

I shouted, "I'm not a man, what's wrong with you people calling a lady a dude. Shut up dumb ass! Get up!"

He cried saying, "I can't."

I demanded more loudly, "Get up or you die!" His pleading teary eyes looked at me as he struggled to get up. When he was up I shot him in the other knee.

I said, "This is my revenge! I am also trying to teach you a lesson!"

He cried, prayed and was apologetic. I asked him if he now realizes I am serious."

Shaking and resigned he said, "Yes ma'am. I'm so sorry. Please call for help. I'm bleeding!"

I laughed and said, "You'll be just fine!" I told him to pull himself in the corner, lay on his stomach with his arms out so I could see him but no one could until they came into the room. I instructed him to shut up and be quiet if he wanted to live.

At daybreak the hooligans, one by one, came into the door at intervals. They pleaded for mercy. I gave them mercy. They each got a bullet in their knee. I made them stack on top of each other.

The wannabe rapist kept pleading to me that he would suffocate with all the weight. I ignored his pleas. 

In between the hooligans, a man dressed in a cop uniform came in inquiring, "What is this about?"  He drew his gun on me. But I knew it was a water gun and his handcuffs were fake. I told him my experience and told him to chill. He started laughing saying, "You didn't shoot them. Give me the gun!" I told him I knew he was not a cop so who was he.

He became arrogant and said, "I can take you you down in a split second honey?"

The wannabe rapist yelled, "She is crazy man!"

POW! I shot the wannabe cop in the shoulder. He went on top of the growing pile. I had a heap of people bleeding.

There was one left I eagerly waited for, the pudgy white girl who offered me the punch. As we waited I started interrogating my captors. Some were wanna be criminals and others had a record. I found out it was the white girl's idea to spike my punch with "Ensol."  I had been unconscious for 7 days.

I asked them if they were scared? They all nodded yes. Some with watery eyes. Some with a stone cold gaze. I told them to think how I felt. Knocked out. Woke up unable to move or speak. My vacation was ruined. There was silence for a long time.

Finally, the pudgy white girl strolled into the room engrossed on her iPhone unaware of what was happening around her. She heard a movement and looked up, right into the barrel of my shotgun as I slammed the door behind her. Dropping her phone she started to scream. I grabbed her hair and swing her across the floor. Yes, I had the strength. I was that angry!

I told her to stop! Everyone was shivering. There was sheer terror in the room. I knew exactly what they felt. I interrogated her and she confessed to everything. After she got a bullet in her shoulder and in her knee I told her to get on top of the pile.

The wannabe rapist begged, "Please I'm gonna die with that fat pig on top. She weighs 300 lbs."

The girl shouted back, "250!"

He looked at me with sorrowful and pleading eyes. The girl got on top and many sounds of pain and shuffling continued.

I just watched as I thought what was going to be my next move. I hadn't thought that far ahead.

After a few minutes I stood up in front of them and said, "Now here's what we are going to do." I walked back with my rifle trained on the heap and grabbed a tape recorder out of my pocket. I had found it in the drawer when I had arrived and put in my pocket.

"I will start from the bottom. Because, we don't know how much air he will have. It all depends on how fast everyone does this next step if he lives or suffocates. Everyone of you will speak into this recorder and admit to what role you played in this crime. There will be no lies. I have more bullets. You state your name, age, address, the crime and why."

Each one took their turn. None of them could come up with the reason except fun.

I then brought out a phone out of my other my pocket and gave it to the wannabe rapist and told him I was gonna call 911. He was going to tell 911 what he did and ask for help, then hand the phone to the person on top so they can tell their story. Everyone did as told.

After they were done, I told the person on top to get off and take off their pants and the next one do the same and so on.  They were to turn around facing the the wall with their hands on it and cross their ankles. They complied. When the cops and EMTs came they were stunned. Some told jokes among themselves. Most high-fived and laughed.

Scene change. Weeks later.

We are all before the judge. The young men and women dressed in their usual rags stood before the judge. Their court appointed lawyer tried to persuade the judge that I received my revenge and the crime I committed against them outweighed theirs.

I reminded the judge they ruined my vacation and had me locked up in my own body for 7 days. Although I shot them they were able to move. They are all on the mend and will have full recoveries.  I also blamed the hotel for lack of security because obviously the hooligans had done this before as some confessed.

The judge ruled, "Ladies and gentleman, this case is clear. These young men and women prowled on visitors. However, they made a big mistake. They picked on the wrong person when they encountered the plaintiff who is THE victim.   A woman of amazing wit, courage and weird sense of revenge.  I charge all of you (except the plaintiff) vandalism, robbery, kidnapping, loitering, attempted rape, impersonating a police officer and harassment. I sentence each of you 40 years in prison and probation for the rest of your life thereafter. 

He turned to the hotel's CEO and said, "I will fine your hotel for unsafe conditions. I can't believe your housekeepers didn't find the plaintiff. Obviously the management and employees  didn't do their job. You have no cameras or security to protect your visitors. I fine your company $2 million dollars, you are to get a security officer and have camera in every hall and every corner of your hotel. For emotional damages you will pay the plaintiff a million dollars per day she was captive which makes it $7 million.

I jumped on my feet and yelled, "But your honor, I didn't want the money. I just wanted the safety measures.

The judge responded "Well give it to charity!"

I sat down surprised and overwhelmed.  BabyGirl ran into the court room.

And that's when I woke up from the dream. I was tired all day. I hate my dreams.  FYI: I looked up Ensol but can't find anything chemical about it. I don't have a rifle and no idea where I got the name from although it is the name of a real gun.

Have you had any weird dreams? If you have followed me for a length of time, you know I do.

Until next time...

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Presumably Virus Hit Me Like A SWUNG BASEBALL BAT

Last week was a messed up week. I was literally in bed for 3 days straight except to go potty. I assume it was a virus/dehydration. I was nauseous and when I got up, I saw dots before my eyes and everything spun. I felt like their were 50 lbs of weight on my ankles. I was wobbly (more than usual) and of course standing up made me more nauseous. Smell of food except mashed potatoes gagged me. 

Thank God for my husband! He knows me well and encouraged me to drink because he knows how fast I get dehydrated. He asked a few times if I needed to go to the hospital. Honestly, Monday while he was at work I considered it. I didn't think I would get through the day. But I did.

But every day before he went to work he filled my water bottle and when he returned he refilled, fed me Popsicles and cooked me mashed taters. It is one thing that soothes my nausea.

Thursday, I felt a little better and got up just to walk to the sofa. It has been a very slow process but I improve every day.

I am happy to say today I got up and felt good enough to actually cook our supper, spaghetti. I can tell I am not completely well because I have to sit every several minutes because I just feel exhausted.

Why does it take longer to get well than the days you are sick?  Ugh.

Right before I became sick I found out my former pharmacist and fellow co-worker's home burned.  I remember every evening I worked he came with the patients' medicines. Everyone enjoyed clowning around with him and he would sit and talk sometimes. When I read about the fire in the news I felt an emptiness and thought once again. Why does such bad things happen to good people? A Gofundme account was opened. I felt like I wanted to do something but couldn't figure out what. But I donated to his account hoping it helps him and his family to get back on their feet. Please say an extra prayer. Thank you.

Everyone stay well and smile!

Until next time..

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter. Ours started yesterday with a family reunion on MyHubby's father's family side. They had a total of I think 10 kids. There were many generations that attended. It was nice to finally meet MyHubby's aunts, uncles and cousins. I am now able to put a face to a name. The hosts was one of my Hubby's cousins and his wife. He had it so well planned with BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, music etc. I was nervous as I always am going into a gathering with people I mostly do not know. However, everyone made me feel welcomed. It was a good day.

After Hubby and I went to Walmart to get a pizza for our Easter lunch. Yea, I know. Some of you think Pizza for Easter? The last few Easters Hubby had to work. It's the way we roll sometimes and we have no complaints. We're going to have a pizza and watch a movie.

BabyGirl is working. My Mom is sick with acute bronchitis. My lovely sister is having something with her little family. So we're making it "US" time.

As we were walking from the car to Walmart's entrance, there was also a mother with a 6 year old girl and 9 year old boy. Ages are estimations. The 9 year old boy was pushing the basket when he caught sight of me. Thereafter his focus was solely on me. "SIGH". 

I understand people can be curious and look. But don't parents teach their kids it is not okay to stare? 

He was rolling the basket staring at me so he was definitely not looking where he was going. He rammed right into the glass window next to the sliding doors almost shattering the glass.

His mom grabbed the basket, shouting, "What's the hell wrong with you boy?" He was broken out of his focus and I got the giggles. It is just so funny to see the outcome of ignorance sometimes.

Hubby said he would have liked to see the glass shatter and see how it would have been handled. Would the mother  have to pay for it? What would the kid say? 

I still laugh when I think of it. Ironically, in Walmart I saw this shirt that has, "I MADE YOU LOOK."  It struck me because obviously I'm always making people look. 

There was also a shirt that had something like I am blessed I am a Mom. This is so true.

Later that night Hubby and I went to the Easter Vigil at 8 pm. I need to write a post about my experience with candles one day. It was a lovely mass, even if it was 2 hours, which is an hour over the usually mass. 

That's because they held a Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation for a few adult candidates. At first I, like many others, were annoyed. But then as I watched these sacraments taken place, it brought back memories when I baptized BabyGirl and my First Communion and Confirmation. It was an honor to see these young adults to choose to receive this sacraments. I sorta envied that they were able to do all 3 at once when I had to wait years to go from one sacrament to the next. It was so meaningful. Jesus resurrected and these young people are also restarting their lives with Jesus in their heart. How awesome is that?

I was amazed the rudeness of some people just walking out. During Father's sermon, a woman clickety clacked right out of the church in her high heel shoes. After communion, the pews were more empty because some just walked right out after they received communion.  Generally, that doesn't happen just for Easter, it happens every Sunday. I guess I was taught differently. But I keep thinking what is so important than spending another 15 minutes with God after Communion?

I often wonder what the priest thinks. Can you imagine standing up there talking to an audience and people just get up and walk out? Jesus is probably looking upon them disappointed.

Until next time...

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Routine Life, Of Late

I sit here and think of all the things I could write about. I start some posts  (81 drafts) but then in the middle I just get distracted or can't find the words and give up. The Blogging From A to Z Challenge is beginning soon but I have decided to opt out of it, officially anyway.  I'll probably be lurking and may find some interesting blogs.

I don't know. I've just been feeling like I've been in a non-ending circle of life. My usual medical issues are frustrating more times than not. I try to think it could be worse and others have it a lot worse. I've been dealing with medical issues ALL of my 53 years. I just get tired of it.

Well intentioned loved ones tell me I need to get a hobby or go out and do something. I've tried volunteering but my skills are not needed. Besides, the way I've been feeling with medical issues have been an obstacle. No one wants a person coughing up a storm or dry heaving around them.

I have a friend who goes shopping but I hate shopping and I don't have 100s of dollars to spend either. I don't see any point in "window shopping."

Also, the weather is a deterrent. The last few years I've noticed when its going to rain, my voice goes out and I get short winded more.

I am NOT a domestic person but I know I should be cleaning and such but the most I do is laundry, do dishes and cook.  When I decide to mop or clean bathrooms, I get short of breath and tire easily. It makes me feel absolutely useless. My poor husband works all day and not in the mood of doing chores either. I wish I could hire someone to come clean my house cheaply.

So my daily life lately has consisted of email, Sporcle, watching Netflix or Amazon and reading until Hubby comes home and then I cook, clean up the kitchen and we watch TV. I do go to the store a few times a week to get something I need. Hubby and I have date nights sometimes and we do go to family gatherings on occasion.

I guess our life is perfect in a way. No drama. No emergencies. No visitors although we had an invited strange one this week. Maybe it'll be a post later on.

Until next time!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Often Wonder About Parents Thinking

I was sitting in a waiting room to see my eye doctor when a mother walked in with a baby on her hip. I'm not good at estimating ages but I'll say the woman was in her 20's and the child was an 1 year old.

The temperature was sunny at 49 degrees with a light nippy breeze. The mother was dressed warmly in jeans, a shirt and jacket. The baby was dressed in blue jeans and a short sleeved shirt without socks or shoes.

I had to do a double take. I could not believe what I was seeing!

An older lady who was also waiting grimaced and whispered to her daughter looking at the baby. They were shaking their head in disbelief.

The mother evidently went to pick up something because she left after talking to the receptionist.

I could tell the child was chilled with his little feet and cheeks red. Poor baby.

Until Next time!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Rocking, Slipping and Sliding

Anywhere I sit, I slide.  It doesn't matter if I'm in a recliner, church pew, dining chair, stool, steps or bed I slide. It doesn't matter if I have a stool or my feet touch the ground.  

I'm sure I've had this since a child because I can remember vaguely, my mom nagging. I remember her words, "Sit up! Stop slouching!  Quit rocking!'

I used to rock side to side all the time as a child and I was constantly told to stop it. Teachers would pass by and put their hand on my shoulder. It was their way of telling me to stop discreetly. I find myself rocking only when I am dead bone tired now.

When I sit, I start by a nice straight up posture. But eventually I slide.  In a chair or pew or stool I am more aware because eventually I could land on my floor butt first. I'm constantly having to push into a straight sitting posture. 

In my recliner or bed, again I start in a nice and straight position, but its inevitable that i will be on half my back. 

I've been trying to consciously figure out why and how I do this.

Who knows?! I guess it is just me!

Until next time..

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Don"t Live On My Phone

In our world today the majority of America is glued to their phones. They text, call and surf the web on their phones nonstop.

I don't. I have a simple Motorola Flip Phone. I only make phone calls with it. 

Most of the time when MyHubby is not home I try to have the phone in my pocket or when I leave the house.  I do this because I was given advice long time ago to carry a phone with me at all times to ease MyDaughter's worries of me falling and unable to get up.  I balked at the idea but grudgingly did so. Now in my old age (HA!) I think it was a good suggestion.

However, when Hubby is home I tend to forget about it. Of course, people call me and the phone is in the other room and I don't hear it if we have the TV on.

Or you know those times when your phone never rings all day but once you go to the bathroom, it rings! 

Many times when Hubby and I leave to go somewhere I seldom bring my phone because he has his. I figure if a family member or friend who has both of our numbers and it is very important, they'll call his if I don't answer.

When I return calls a lot of people ask me why I don't have my phone. Many ask me why I don't have texting, it would be so much easier. Not for me. It would be a nuisance. To keep pressing those little keys is not for me. I do it a little on my I-touch but to have a whole conversation ? Heck no!

MAYBE, one day Hubby and I will get a plan for texting. I doubt it though. It's hard to give up a $30 phone bill for a $100 bill.

If you should call me and I don't answer, its not that I don't wanna talk to you. I am either doing something or more likely I don't have the phone near or with me.  Leave me a message.

Until next time...

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Andy Grammer

I'm usually not into the music that is out there today. When I'm in my car I usually listen to Classic Rock stations such as 102.1

A few months ago I put the TV on to watch the news. The last segment of Ellen was on and Andy Grammar was a guest. I don't know what genre I would call his music. A lot of websites categorizes his music as Pop.

I then saw him on Dancing With the Stars. I was hooked. I uncharacteristically made a Amazon Playlist with his songs. I need to buy a CD so I can listen to it in the car.

His music is so uplifting and fun! And..he is hot! Clean-cut and those heart-melting eyes! (Hubby has similar eyes!)

My favorite songs are: Honey, I'm Good. Good To Be Alive, Hallelujah and Crazy Beautiful among others. Check his music out and let me know what you think!

Until next time!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Imagine..being an instant BILLIONAIRE!

I know I haven't written. What can I say? I've been sick. I've had other things I've had to do. This little body and brain can do so much you know.

It's the Powerball lottery. Honestly, I don't usually buy lottery tickets except when the pot gets really big.  Just last week, someone from my hometown won 1,000,000 from the lottery matching 5 white balls.

I read the little store that sold the ticket has been swamped with lottery ticket buyers.

Hubby and I have often dreamed and asked each other what would we do?

We would pay off this home and build our ultimate dream home. Nothing any bigger than we have but much better quality.

I would pay for BabyGirl's college for her masters and help them pay off their home and car.

I would give a certain amount to our parents and siblings.

We would give a few good friends some.

Then I would find a family who is really in need and help them. Maybe donate some to charities like St Jude's.

An Australian vacation would be in order!

Hubby would be able to retire and I wouldn't have to share him with his work. YAY!!

After that I don't know.

Nothing wrong with dreaming right?

Until next time..

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