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I'm your ordinary 50 something Cajun who loves to write. I write poetry, short stories and this blog.   The first two are sorta on the back burner. There is no set theme for my blog. I blog when I feel like it. I don't write on a timetable. So if you don't want to miss anything, you can subscribe on my main page. I appreciate all my followers and readers!

I went through counseling during a low point of my life.  I would write and fax my thoughts and struggles to the psychologist before my appointment. He told me later that I had a gift of self expression through writing and I should pursue publishing something. I don't have that much confidence. I also don't think I have the self-discipline. Writing is more of a therapy. I also write to keep memories and to entertain.

I am married to a wonderful man who just walked into my life when I least expected it.

I have my daughter from a previous marriage who is my pride and joy. I have two wonderful parents and one older sister. 

I have been "handicapped" most of my life. I have a mild case of cerebral palsy among other medical conditions. It's been my life and I learn to take one day at a time although, sometimes I get depressed or impatient with myself. As I get older I get frustrated and impatient with my body but I always come back to it is what it is and I deal with it accordingly.

I worked as a LPN for a couple of years until my doctor put me on disability due to lung disease. It's one of those mishaps from CP, my theory anyway. It has never been proven scientifically or medically.

I was raised to be be independent and I have had alot of knocks but I just get back up.

Interests:  Reading, writing, online games, poker.

Favorite Reads: Murder/mystery such as Sue Grafton, and James Patterson. I also read inspirational such as My Sister's Keeper, The Shack and The Notebook. The Notebook is my ultimate favorite.

Favorite Music: I only listen to music when I am in my car for the most part. I am drawn to Classic 70-80's rock as well as Country such as Alabama.

Favorite Movies: The Titanic, My Sister's Keeper, The Notebook, You've Got Mail.

Religion: I was raised Catholic and do believe in God. I've had a couple near death experiences when I saw him in various forms. I also have my times of frustration and doubt.

Feel free to read, share and comment on my blog. I'll be happy to correspond with anyone.Afterall, one can never have too many friends :)

My email is bellelady1981@yahoo.com.