Friday, December 17, 2010

Act of Kindness=Christmas

If you remember, a while back I had my laptops in repair shop and one came back and never worked here. Well I got the other computer working on ethernet then Randal and I FINALLY figured out the wireless. It is an okay computer but very old.

Well I was sitting here brooding over my current problems, how much money I had to spend on my car (Problem still there, not as pronounced but seems like another problem has risen but not worrying about it until after Christmas as I don't drive that often anyway) and teeth and future financial strain on treatment of teeth (Another post I'm working on LOL).  So all is quiet and I'm in my thoughts then my phone rings. I see the number and the place I brought my computers for service. I thought what they want with me.

So I answered and he announced who he was.
He asked, "How are you today?"
I respond. "Fine and you."
He says, "Well the reason I'm calling you is I have this computer like your older computer but it is newer but used. I have it pristine condition."
I thought, "Uh huh..can't afford it."
He continues, " Kathy and I have decided to give it to you for a Christmas gift."
The pessimistic person I can be, inquired, "How much?"
He exclaims, "Nothing! Its a gift to you for Christmas."
It HIT me! I started crying.
He asked, "Are you okay."
I sobbed took a deeep breath and said, "Wait this is too overwhelming. I was having bad week and I'm comprehending it. "
Silence while I get  my breath.
I finally say, "Thank you so much."
He said, "Your welcome. We close today at noon but you can call next week and pick it up."
I cry some more.
I say: You have no idea what that means to me calling me at this point."
He said, "I'm glad. See you next week. Merry Christmas."

No one has ever done that sorta of thing fo me besides family. For him to even think of me and give it to me just swells my heart and my tear ducts open. That heavy feeling in my chest lightened with that one act of kindness and thoughtfulness.

My heart was  pounding and I was blubbering for joy. Randal is at work and I put it on facebook but I just had to tell someone so I called Layla. Sorry I interrupted your bath, Layla!

At first she thought something was wrong.

She asked with concern in her voice, "What's wrong Mom?' I could hardly talk I was crying so much.

Then like I tell her when she is upset, she says, "Mom take a deep breath." I finally get it together and tell her. She said, "Yes, there are kind people in the world."

Yes there is. my other problems are still here but that act of kindness right at that moment has lifted my spirits. The computer I need yes but what touched my heart was that they thought of little me.

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