Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dr Rob's Bomb

When it comes to my medical needs I hate change. I had been going to my GP, Dr Rob, for over 18 years. He was down to earth, unlike many stuffy doctors. He is patient, understanding and thinks outside the box. He saw me go through a lot of changes in my life, a lot of ugly but some good too. I say he saved my life going beyond his duty. I will always be grateful and thankful

The past few years I heard his frustration with dealing insurances etc. He was stressed. I knew a change was coming but not what it actually was.

He told me on a visit that he would be changing course in his practice. He will be joining a network called MDVIP.  It's a Wellness Program that is personalized to the patient. It's focus is preventive care. The amount of patients he will have would be much less, from 3000 to 300. But it is also VIP care. You call, you get to talk to him to name one. .There's also a yearly fee. You can read the details at

He said he didn't want to seem like he was throwing me under the boss and wasn't sure if I would benefit from it with all my medical issues but we could try. He gave me a whole bunch of information and I had a few months to think about it.

I walked out of the office angry, sad, frustrated and scared. I cried the 45 minutes to get to my house.

I read over the benefits and talked it over with my Hubby. I was terrified because what if I can't get a doctor that understands me? What if I can't get someone that LISTENS to me and respects my knowledge of my body and illnesses?

I wrote down the pros and cons. I pondered if I wanted to pay the yearly fee plus what I pay for my Medicare. I was in limbo. 

I thought if I got a new doctor, it would be much closer. I drove 45 minutes one way to see Dr Rob. I contemplated whether I wanted to try a female or male doctor. I had a few months to figure it out.

God answers in mysterious ways.

I was sitting in my eye doctor's office one day and was reading a local independent paper. There was a huge ad that a physician's office was accepting new patients. It was a husband and wife clinic only 10 miles away.

I made an appointment to interview her.  I was anxious because I know I'm not an ordinary patient. MyHubby came with me. She was thorough. I felt comfortable with her. I'm staying with her.

Dr Collins is a petite blond who reminds me so much of my daughter (when she had her blond hair). I didn't scare her with all the multiple problems I have so that was a plus. 

I'm trying to word this next thing I want to say. I'm just going to say. . I love Dr. Rob and he has done so much for me. However, after seeing Dr Collins and what her plan is I think she will be doing a similar thing that Dr Rob changed to without the extra cost. S

When I went to Dr Rob, we only dealt with the acute problem and there were so many at one time.. With Dr Collins she went through whether or not a list of preventive tests, such as mammogram, colonoscopy etc was done. I have a feeling she will be helping me keep up to date with them.

So far, the staff is great. They are all friendly and helpful. Some of Dr Rob's staff I just wasn't comfortable with. 

It was such a relief that I found her. Oh and for a bonus,  her office is less than 10 minutes away. Yea! 

I wish Dr Rob success in his new journey.

God answers prayers

Until next a friend you haven't talked to for a while to say hello.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Big 55

Today is my birthday! I'm the Big 55. I have been reflecting on my life. I guess birthdays do that to you.

I am so blessed to have a family and friends that I have. Everyone is awesome.

I think I say this every year but I'm amazed that I'm still here. I guess God is not ready for me. I'm okay with that.

Hubby had to work but he left a bag of Dove's chocolate covered fruit and a beautiful card.  Did you get the CHOCOLATE part?  I LOVE chocolate! He is also bringing supper home. No cooking is a gift in itself! 😊

My parents called and sang Happy Birthday to me and sent me a card. My sister sent me a a birthday wish via email and card snail mail.

My daughter posted a FB b'day wish and I get to see her for lunch Thursday. YAY!

Speaking of Facebook. I have received so many Happy Birthday wishes. It makes me smile and my heart sing that everyone took one minute out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thank you! I'm trying to respond to each one individually.

As mentioned on previous birthdays I share my birthday with my Uncle. I don't know why he made it his business to come into this world on my birthday a few years later. You know I love you (Uncle) Robert.

A childhood friend, Gwendolyn who also shares my birthday is celebrating with the angels. She is gone physically but always here in my heart. I love you Gwen and Happy Birthday.

I've been tweaking this blog. Changed font colors and a little layout. If you have any suggestions or comments about it please share.

Until next time..tell the people you love that you love them.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Can't Get Rid of Me Yet

Hi My Faithful Followers,

I know I have not been consistent. It seems that I say this every time. I promise my intentions are good. I've been seeing visits on my FB blog page. I thought how I feel when I go to a site and there is nothing there. Guilt seeped in as well. So I don't know how long this will last but just know I appreciate all of you.

Here is a summary of what has been going on in my crazy cajun life.

I went to my surgeon hoping I would be discharged in August. I wasn't. It's been over a year. My swallowing is better. My throat still feels weird sometimes but maybe that'll pass too.  The pain in my neck and legs are gone and that's the most important thing!

Then somehow I sprained my foot. I think I have a clue but nothing definitive.  I figured it'll heal so I hobbled on the other foot with my walker I had from surgery. Thank God I kept the walker. That was a mistake because it aggravated the other ankle. I had a hard time getting around.  After 3 weeks of frustration I finally went to the doctor.

Here's something to think about.  When I went to Dr. L for my neck the first time, he sent me to the surgeon, Dr B. When I called for an appointment for my ankle asking for Dr K, the receptionist said that the doctors have their own area of expertise. So off I went to see Dr C in the same clinic. Then Dr C sent me to Physical therapist B, again in the same clinic.

I had to pay an initial visit for every one of them although they are still in the same office. I guess it's logical but they could have given me a discount. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure they all have a share of the huge practice. I can guarantee they are making big bucks.

Dr C informed me that I had tendinitis in both ankles, plantar fasciitis and a flat foot. I knew something was wrong but gee whiz. He did x-rays, gave me an anti-inflammatory and referred me to PT. 

The PT put the orthotics in my shoes and informed me that my shoes is a culprit of my problem. "SIGH". He also snuck in that I am getting older (like I need a reminder) and since I have CP, all the weight I've put on my lower extremities all these years is also a contributing factor. Of course, he gave me exercises to do. I will elaborate on this in another post coming soon.

Before all of this my GP, Dr Rob threw me a bomb. He informed me that he was changing course in his practice. Okay, I'll be  honest . I knew he was stressed and unhappy and there was change coming.  BUT NOT THIS! He didn't want to"throw me under the bus" and he wasn't sure if I would benefit from his program.  I've been with Dr Rob for many years, I think 18. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love and respect him and how he really cares and can think out of the box, what I absolutely need sometimes. After the shock (and yes some anger at first) subsided I was so depressed but God works in mysterious ways. Stay tuned.

I'm sorry I keep saying stay tuned but I just want to run down the main events in my life thus far trying to catch you up with my crazy life.

Other than that I just continue to live one day at a time, trying to jump over the obstacles and push through everything that is thrown at me. 

Once again, MyHubby has been amazing. You have no idea how much crap he has to deal with being married to me. He has only shown  compassion, understanding and helpfulness. He not once complained or tried to minimize what I was going through.

Everyone is doing well. I think my Mom is having the beginning stages dementia or Alzheimer's. But everyone is healthy in their own way.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to get into the swing of things again. I don't promise every day but more than I've been.

Until next time. Smile at someone and make their day!

P.S. Sorry I forgot to put a title

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Survivor At A New Low

I couldn't believe my eyes and what I was hearing last night. On Survivor, Zeke, a transgender was outed by a tribemate who Zeke obviously confided in, 

I kept saying, "Oh my God!" "Is this really Happening??" Among other things.

I understand Survivor is supposed to be a study of human behavior but I think this went too far.  It was malicious on Jeff Varner's part, the outer. He says he didn't mean it to be. DUDE, are you serious?

Jeff Probst has been losing my respect through the years because of the havoc during tribal council and just things he says and does. He and CBS makes me sick acting all shocked and caring but yet still airing it. 

I guess it shows some people will do ANYTHING to win money and make money! 

They've deleted many scenes before. Why couldn't they have deleted that one for Zeke's sake? 

I am not sure if Varner's apology was real. Was he saying he was sorry because he really was or he realized it was not taken very well by the others.

However, you have to give it to Zeke. He was calm and forgiving. But the compassion and forgiveness he showed Varner showed the real person he is.

So what do you think? Was Varner wrong in outing this transgender person? 

Until next time...

Friday, March 3, 2017

Water, Snow, Storms

I hope everyone is safe and sound. I know I just can't get with the blogging thing. But I do appreciate all the emails asking how I'm doing and when I am going to write again. 

About six months ago, we had the Historic Flood. I personally wasn't affected. Thank you God!

I watched it on TV and Facebook. I can't imagine watching water come up to my doorstep.

Wait! If I knew my home flooded, or I was in a flood zone  I would haul tail. 

As I watch, people being rescued I often wonder.

Why do they want until the last minute or until they are under water? Then they plead for someone to go help them. They risk the rescuers lives as well as their own. Such stupidity!

After, a lot of people expect our government to help them get back to normal. When did that even start?

I understand you may need a little help to get by but I've noticed how many people expect our government to do it for them.  There are unending lines to get money, food and water to compensate them because of losing their home after floods or hurricanes. Its like they feel they are owed it.

Don't get me wrong people. I don't mind helping people but there are so many that are asking for a handout.

Also, how can people have a home and not have insurance?  I know insurance is expensive. I hate it!

But if I would be in a flood zone and my house was flooded once, I would get flood insurance or I would move out of here. 

I was watching this man on TV. His home was flooded for the third time.  He apparently had insurance. I wouldn't want his premiums. To do it over and over..nah..

I know the northern states are bracing for a winter blast. That is one thing I would not want to be stuck in. Cold. Wet.  Slippery. Brrrr

Hubby and I were talking the other day. I said I'd take my occasional hurricanes, rain and floods vs the snow blizzard and cold. At least once the hurricane passes it is gone. These snow blizzards and cold stay for months!

Ya'll be safe, warm and dry. My prayers are going out for everyone, even the stupid ones.

Until next time.