Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Layla surgery/Special Needs Dream

Dream/Layla Surgery

Last night my dream that I remembered took place at my Granny's old house on the Island. Her kitchen backyard window was a huge drive up window. My mom and Aunt Sharon was in the dream but I do not remember their purpose.

We had Special-need kids come by busload. Some had Down's, a few had some other retardation, and some were physically challenged. The buses would stop in front of the window about 20 feet back and they would all RUN to the window making their preferences perfectly clear what they want.

They commanded, “Coke with Ice.” “Coke without ice” “Dr. Pepper” “Dr. Pepper with ice.” “No ice in Dr. Pepper.” Some just wanted water. We didn't have water. Their little faces told 'us' (I just feel there were some other people helping.) what they thought about no water. Some we convinced to try a Dr. Pepper or Coke. Some just weren't swayed.

Between busloads I would go into the living room to watch TV and before I knew it someone (Maybe Mom or Aunt Sharon?) was yelling bus is coming and I had to rush because for some reason we did not want them to wait.

You have to understand to get from the kitchen to the living room, you have to pass through a large dining room and bedroom. Her house was big but it was twice the size in my dream!

Reason I dreamed this: Hmm I've been thinking of Granny a lot and I guess 'reconnecting with my family on that side” is triggering things. Special-needs kids: Although I hate admitting it, I was a special needs child for my mom and it was so rough for her with society as it was in 1960s and the ADA wasn't around then. Also I was looking at a Christmas postcard of my long time cyber friend who has a special needs child explaining to My Love who they were. Maybe its telling me to get off my butt and join the advocacy for disability rights.

For those who don't know yet. Layla is having surgery tomorrow, Thursday on her shoulder. She has had shoulder problems for a couple of years and had surgery on it once before last year. The doc said 9 out of 10 patients do not need to have the surgery again. Layla is unfortunately that one that does. She will need to deal with her possible limitations concerning karate and her athleticism. Please pray for her recovery and her coping. Unfortunately, she didn't win in the stubbornness department with parents concerned because her father and I are both stubborn. I learned long time ago, do what you can and take it day by day.


  1. You dream a lot! My dreams rarely make sense to me. I've dreamt that a cousin of mine passed away. I'm not close to her. Infact havent seen her in years. Then last night I had a dream that I was riding in a car with an old friend that I also never talk to. And about my ex father in law. Why am I dreaming about all these people I no longer talk to? Or even wish to talk to.

    I will pray for Layla and her surgery. I hope she has a smooth recovery. :)

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    Layla frustrates me but she is 18, on her own, she knows what to do. It's just for her to do it LOL. Thanks. Prayers are very much appreciated.

    Yes, I unfortunately dream alot. I dont understand my dreams so I can't understand yours. :) Your dreams are different and interesting. MAYBE someone is telling you to do something about it? LOL. Just a guess. I started writing my dreams to try to understand them but it isn't working LOL.

    Come back again!


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