Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Real Love Conquers What Could Have Been A tragedy

I have read numerous articles about Rachelle Friedman's journey.. Her story can teach many lessons and is an inspiration of love, friendship, strength and self confidence.

Rachelle was a happy bride-to-be ready to start her new life with her fiance, Chris one year ago. However, at her Bacholerette party, a bridesmaid pushed her into a pool. Rachelle sustained spinal injuries that caused her to be paralyzed from waist down.

Stories like these always grasps my attention. I love to read about people's lives where they overcome the hardest obstacles they are dealt.They give me inspiration and reminds me that my life is not so hard after all.

I've been in a wheelchair for short periods of time and I can tell you I hated it with a passion. It was claustrophobic and mind you, I only spent a couple of months at a time living in one. I can't imagine having to live your whole life in one as many do. Bless each and everyone  who have to live in one.

Years later I joined a Cerebral Palsy sponsored soccer team that entailed all players to be in a wheelchair so I had to use one. My coach time and time again reminded me that it was only for a few hours.

Anyway back to my original thoughts concerning Rachelle.

Rachelle is a very strong woman. She is a very loyal friend. Not once have I seen her mention the girl's name who pushed her. I would hope I would have the same reaction if I was ever in that situation.

Imagine how her best friend feels. Imagine knowing you put your best friend in a wheelchair not to mention almost caused her to lose her life. How many people have done the same very thing to someone else at a pool but not cause injury.

Then imagine being the groom  realizing the girl he was going to marry is not as mobile. I give Chris much credit for sticking with her. It shows he is a loyal man. It shows that he will be there for her every day for the rest of their lives. It shows he loves her no matter what.. .He has honored her as he will promise her at their wedding "For sickness and in health..."

I know few men who would have stuck around. I know there are those special ones like Chris.I have one. He had no idea what CP was but was willing to meet me. That was a plus. Then as our relationship grew he has shown me that he accepts me for who I am. He accepts my "limitations" and adapts to them for me. Rachelle and I are very lucky women.

I just love their story.  I would have not wished her injuries on her or anyone but I believe God makes things happen for a reason. I think one reason this time was to show everyone that life is short and how love can continue through the most horrific incidents. Another is to how to forgive others for any wrongdoing.

Chris and Rachelle are finally getting married Friday. They are strong. I wish them a very happy long lasting marriage.


  1. That is an incredible story of tragedy turned into positivity. I wish them both a long and happy life together. Thank you for pointing out some things that we may not have thought about before.

  2. Yes, it is Barb. I've actually thought about the answers to my own questions. It is so hard to even phantom the idea of it all Thanks for reading and commention. Appreciate it bunches.

  3. I hope they have a wonderful life together.. :)
    I love stories like this.. :) :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow. she's an amazing woman... i would hope that if put in the same situation i would be able to be positive and be happy...

    and yes you both are very lucky to have found great men... they are far and few between.

    God Bless

  5. Pencil Girl: Yes, I think they will have a wonderful life. Your welcome!

    Overthinking Mom: I totally agree and Chris is an amazing MAN.

    They are far and between Overthinking. One day yours will arrive.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate it bunches!


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