Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bicycle Locks-Helpful TIp

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and your week has started great. As my faithful followers know, last week was  grueling for me.If you are new you can check it out Dark Hole Is Returning.

The irony of it all was Saturday, I received an email titled Social Security Disability. A Steady Income Program. MyLove received one the next day. Go figure!

I am tired of thinking, worrying and bitching about it.I am sure you are tired of hearing it.  So lets change the subject. I have a gazillion things to write about. I noticed I have 10 drafts. HA! Maybe one day I'll get to those.

My BabyGirl returned from her hiatus with her girlfriend in MS. I was so happy to see her yesterday. It is so amazing to have an endless abundance of love in your heart for someone like your child. You hold them and just don't want to leg go! At least I don't. They sometimes make you cry, frustrated, irritated but even with all that you get this unconditional love between the two of you. It is NOTHING like it.

I took her laundry to wash them as she does not have a car now so we're devising a plan so I can pick them up and do them without going too long.  A lot of people has asked me why I do her laundry since she moved out.

What can I say? She is spoiled. HA! Also, when she had a car she would come and make it our mother/daughter day although she ended up sleeping and I did the laundry. But that is okay because she was with me and that's all that counts. Her presence is all I need sometimes.

As I was sorting her laundry I found a combination lock locked onto a purse.  I guess she was saving it there. She had left her  combination in her phone but her phone has died. 

So I think, maybe there is a way to undo it so I go to the lock website. I realized there is no serial number on it. How strange is that? The website states the reason being to provide enhanced long–term security, the company has discontinued imprinting a serial number on the lock body on combination locks sold through retail locations. Very good reason considering the crime rising throughout America.

The site went on to say if it was registered on their site, the combination could be saved there. However, my college student of a daughter probably didn't do that. I am waiting on a reply from her through email. 

So if she had registered it she could have retrieved the combination. Consider this a tip to all of you who may buy a bike lock or any lock for that matter. REGISTER it and don't keep the combination in any device that can lose it or break.

I wouldn't have dreamed having a post regarding this rather dull topic but then I thought! School is around the corner and bike locks may be bought.

Is it just grand something falls into your lap to write about :).


  1. So what happen to your babygirl's car?

  2. Tbanks! If I can prevent someone from going through the aggravation,its worthwhile. :)

  3. OOps Thanks.

    My BabyGirl wrecked her car and its not worth it to fix it. :( It was a three car crash but everyone was okay.


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