Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just A Summary

How do I tell my awesome readers what I have been up to without writing a book? Lets try a summary.

I have 5 drafts since my last post that I have done NOTHING with. I have attempted to read my favorites posts and I have had no energy or time to do so the way I would love to.

Situation with BabyGirl has changed. She and her girlfriend broke up so obviously she is not moving out of town.  However, she had already told her roommate she was leaving so the roommate made other plans so now BabyGirl has no roommate. That is a whole different story about her moving.

Then just after they broke up, the inevitable happened. Someone hit BabyGIrl on her moped. The girl didn't see her but luckily BabyGirl saw her and swerve but she still got hit. She has a broken hand and re-diislocated the shoulder she had surgery on twice before the accident. She had a bruise all along her leg and lacerations. But she will live. The pic is her at discharge from ER.

Aren't the scrubs the hospital put on her just lovely?

I think this was a sign for no more Mopeds but we shall see what she decides.

The runaround with the insurance has been a fiasco. She is staying with me because she still needs some help and transportation for college. I am pretty much the only one she can depend on. Obviously she cannot work.

It's been rather stressful and exhausting with everything at once. And some decisions are up in the air. I hate not knowing what is what.

But let me tell you some awesome news. MyLove has helped me get me a MAC Air computer. If you follow me, you know how much problems I've had with computers. I researched and the Mac Air was so tempting but wasn't sure about the price.

After researching Mac and other computers and discussing it with MyLove/MyHubby (Still going through transition LOL) we decided on the Mac. I'll have to tell you a funny story another time. Why the Mac?

1) It is so light and there is no movable parts.
2) I was so tired of viruses and there are virtually no probability of them.
3) I was tired of slow computers, hand me downs, etc.
4) MyLove told me I earned one and I think i deserved one.

I've been told I was going to either love it or hate it. I think once I get it all down pact I'll really love it but I am enjoying it.

It is just a different experience. It is nice to press the power and in a second the screen comes up.
It is nice that I can unplug it and go sit outside for a few hours with it; great battery life.
No more windows error messages.

So all you fellow Mac users if you have any advice or suggestions or great Apps, please share.

I hope to one day have my nice calm life back to do what I want and blog more!


  1. Thank God your daughter is ok and safe. A few minor ouches to deal with though. Could have been so much worse. Sorry that her situation didn't work out but at least you have your baby baby for now! Hooray for the Mac! So happy for you!

  2. So happy to hear your baby girl is doing well. She looks like a little girl in her picture!! Like she's only 14 or something!!
    Enjoy the new Mac. You do definetely deserve it. Seems like you married the right man!!

    Love ya Mama!

    1. Thanks Sara and Barb. It is much appreciated. She was lucky to come out of it as she did . Sara, yea she does look young but she is 19.

      My mac is great. Still trying to get used to it because it is so different from a regular computer.

      I did marry a good man.

      Thanks two both of you for being my faithful followers. I love ya'll!


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