Friday, April 27, 2012

Wish Ex Would Stay Out of My Dream

It's 5 am and I woke up royally ticked off.

See, my ex was in my dream. Well, I think you can say it was a nightmare. 

The dream started that I was at a family reunion and we were hungry but the stew was not cooked.  My mom sent me to the store but when I came back everyone was eating. When I went to serve, there was no rice. 

I asked Mom what WTF was going on. 

She said, "I don't know. Everyone started eating". I said, "Well gee, I didn't get any and I'm hungry." She concurred that she was hungry too.

Then EX comes with our BabyGirl and demanded we needed to leave. I said, "Well the food is gone so I guess there was nothing to stay for.

We get back to the house that I had never lived in or recalled seeing. The three of us were joking and laughing.

All of a sudden, he tells BabyGirl to go to her room because mommy and daddy needed to talk. As always in my dreams, she was about 5-6 years old.

She leaves and he announces that if I don't get my stuff together in two weeks, he is leaving me and he was taking BabyGirl.

I asked him what he was talking about. He accused me of having an affair that he had caught me and I had promised I wouldn't talk to any of them again. HUH? I insisted that I never had an affair and he was crazy and couldn't prove in court. 

He pulls out letters that appears to be love letters between this guy and I. I argued I did not write those letters and this guy I have no clue who it was. Ex insisted that it was mine. I became very angry and irritated and shouted he was losing his mind.

We went back and forth defending our own case. He told me he already had a lawyer. His name was King Kangaroo. This is no joke. I am laughing now about that one.

Then his past verbal abuse started again. But it was at the stage where I used to fight back telling him to leave me alone and he needed to get a grip. 

BabyGirl reappears crying saying she did not want us to break up because she would be divided. I told her no she would still have us but separately.

Then Ex told me that I could have the house but he was going to sue me for the rest. I told him I didn't have anything else. He started ranting like he used to about nothing at all.

I woke up infuriated because after all these years of finally not having those kind of dreams occurred for no apparent reason. I have had no contact with him since BabyGirl's accident. He has not done anything to irritate me. I had resigned myself of not letting him, thoughts or anger into my life an more than necessary and I've been having a pretty good life. 

I knew I had to write this down so I can get it out of my head faster. MyLove was still here and I told him about my nightmare, He just shook his head and said it was only a dream I know it was only a  dream but having vivid upsetting dreams like that get to me and I always wonder why I dream what I dream. Because some can be so off the wall.

So I guess I'll mosey back into my bed and have better dreams to override this nightmare.

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  1. wow!

    all I can say is...

    WHAT A DREAM!!!!!!



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