Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wonders- Sidewalks

I know I skipped a few Wednesdays, starting with Isaac fiasco. But we weathered it very well!

Back to Wednesday Wonders.

 Why don't people use the sidewalk when there is a sidewalk?

Are they really asking to be hit?  Around here it  surely seems so!  It is like they DARE you to hit them.

What annoys me the most is when they are walking dogs?

I would not say I am an animal activist but I have a strong belief that you need to take care of your pet just like you would take care of a child. One of those responsibilities is ensure safety.

There is this lady with 3 small dogs who walk them on the side of the road every morning, about 3 feet from the sidewalk. It never fails one dog is half in the road.  Should I mention the road has curves and they are so rounded that if an idiot blasts around the curve someone is almost hit because it is almost too late.

However, people walk on the side of the road, or should I say in the middle sometimes? They hear a car and turn around but do they move? Once I just kept going, mind you I was ready to stop at any moment. When they realize I may not be stopping, their eyes got big and shuffled to the side of the road. As I looked through the rearview mirror, I saw them cursing acting like I am the Moron!

I just want to stop and say, "Don't you see the freaking sidewalk? Why don't you use it?"

Who else thinks the way I do?  What are your experiences with Morons who are too lazy to walk 3 feet to safety of a sidewalk?

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