Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home Buying: Grueling Process

I've been away from the internet for a few days because we are in midst of moving. At this time we are at my mother in law's. Our home is on our land but everything is not connected yet and we have no steps for me to at least get into it.

If you are following my blog, you know we have been going through a grueling process with purchasing this home. 

We met the owner a few months ago and we thought the salesman was bad.  OH My! God! The boss is much worse. I can't believe this man is in business. He is an arrogant man with no communication or social skills.

I admit we have become very frustrated. But through the process we have not received  any definite answers to our questions. We have not been getting telephone or emails responses. When they wanted something, we were right there with it. Unless we went to the office it appears nothing was being done.

We've had shouting matches with the owner because he denies things he has told us. He has called me a liar in certain words twice. 

My hubby has more patience than me and he can hold his temper. When he starts raising his voice you know there is something wrong. 

For one instant, it brought back bad memories of the past. I had called the office to get a status. Jacob told me that our file was passed to Jamie, the project coordinator. He told me either he or she would call me before noon. This was at 10 am. So we waited. Of course, as usual, no phone call. 

The following day we went to the office. Luckily the office was about 2 miles from our apartment because since July we've had to go numerous times. The owner, Jacob asked what he could help us with. I reminded him he was suppose to call me back. He denied he said that.

I said, "Yes you did."

He said, "No I didn't."

MyHubby asked, "Are you calling my wife a liar again?"

He said, "No but I didn't"

I said, "YES YOU DID. Why would I lie about that?" I recited our whole conversation that previous day.

He said, " You might have misunderstood me!"

I said, "No I didn't because I asked you before noon right and you said yes, someone would call me."

We went back and forth with "Yes you did" and "NO I didn't in various forms. Then it hit so reminded me of my ex doing the same crap to me. I decided in that split second that I was not going to go there again and said, "FIne, I'm a liar. I'm done with you." And shut up.

That particular day he had brought us to Jamie's office and there was the four of us. Jacob kept talking but totally ignoring him, we started talking to Jamie. .

I have to say Jamie is the best yet at that place. The rest of the personnel there are useless pretty much. She has disappointed us a few times but we do consider that she has no idea what transformed through the months (Since July we've been doing this.")

Jacob eventually walked out but I noticed he was across the hall. Jamie was explaining to us what was going on. MyHubby was trying to get her up to speed of what we had bee going through. We reminded her the holidays were coming. 

Actually a few weeks earlier MyHubby betted his paycheck to Jacob that they were going to start moving everything during the holidays and we wouldn't be able to get into it until after the 1st. And sure enough here we are.

Anyway, we kept asking Jamie specifics and she couldn't say definite. "There are others ahead of you." "It depends on the rain." 

They must take a course on how to get around in answering questions.

Our main point we've tried putting across in only the past 3 months has been we closed on October 22. The home was suppose to have been ordered that day or we even gave them a week for some leeway. Jacob had told us once we closed and home ordered it would take 3 weeks and things would start happening (The pad made, etc). They said the home got in while we were on vacation, during the week of the 3rd to the 9th. That was way past 3 weeks! 

And the moron, Jacob told us they didn't call us because they knew we were on vacation. We had told them to call us  and we would think they would want to call us and give us some good news. Jacob's reasoning? "Not everyone wants to do know the step by step process." We were flabbergasted. I had this urge just to punch him. Tell me, wouldn't you want to know the step by step process, especially when your home is in?!

We were hoping we would be in the home by the first. But here we are. We have most of our worldly possessions in storage. MyHubby and his coworker was able to move the big pieces of furniture, the few we have, into the home.

Since they put the pad on our land the first week of December, we figured we would be in it so we gave our one month notice at the apartment so we had to be out by the 31st. 

Instead of enjoying and relaxing during the holiday season we were stressed and moving. It's been so hard on us physically and mentally. My whole body hurt. By the end of day sometimes my legs just wouldn't go anymore. My body just stopped. I was in bed before 9 pm on some days which is a rarity.

Even MyHubby said we should be excited about our new home and happy etc but its been nothing but…we're trying to look forward to the end results.

I'll post more of the process in future.

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