Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Want To Be A Big Sister

Two years ago I applied to be a Big Sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. You can see the beginning of my journey here

During my interview two years ago, I had asked him to be honest with me if he thought I would be matched. He assured me that I would but it could take a while because of the number of girls in the program is less than the boys and he didn't see my disability a problem.

Realistically, I knew my disability was going to make it harder to find me a Little. People can tell me anything they want but I know how people can be reserved, As a nurse I had to work harder to prove to patients and employees that I am capable of most things anyone else can do. And I can always improvise to do something that is more difficult for me to do.

After a couple of months, they had found a Little for me but before we met, she got sick and was postponed. I called a week later and they said they were going to look for another one for me.

I had not heard from them since.

Last week, I emailed the case worker regarding my change of address and phone number and requesting the status of me being a Big. I reminded him who I was.

He responded that he remembers me vividly.and thought I had alot to offer a child. He admitted that my disability was an added challenge but the main problem is that there are not as many as girls. He informed that he was going to have a meeting with his staff the following week and see if they can pull all their resources to find me a child.

The following week, as promised he wrote to be again:

I will place a request in to the school counselors to identify a girl 6-9 who faces some of the obstacles that you have conquered in your life. I am touched by your tenacity to become a mentor and will do my best to assist. We will aim to have a kid around August or September as our cut-off for making school-based matches is March. (school matches do not meet in the summer and we want matches to get a significant amount of time together before school ends)This is good as it gives my caseworkers time to search through the schools we serve.Please contact me in late August and I will hopefully have someone identified. I am again sorry about the wait and hope the little we find will make up for the time invested.

So please pray that God sends me a Little that needs someone like me as a mentor. I want to make a difference in a child's life.

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