Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BabyBear and She-Wolf

MammaBear has a duty to protect her cub especially when they are threatened by a Big Bad She-Wolf. In this post I will refer to Mamma's cub as BabyBear.

You see BabyBear loved the Big Bad She-Wolf. BabyBear's broken heart was not enough for Big Bad She-Wolf. She-wolf seems to have the need to dig her claws deeper and deeper.  

MammaBear could see who She-Wolf really was. She-Wolf acted holier than thou.  Spoke constantly without saying anything at all. User. Rude. Manipulator. And that my friends are only a few. 

But She-Wolf made BabyBear happy. BabyBear knew how MammaBear felt but love is blind. BabyBear is like her MammaBear, always want to see the good in everything and everyone. BabyBear gave She-wolf her ALL:  Friendship, love, loyalty, trust and probably more things than MammaBear has no business knowing.

Then from what MammaBear understands the She-wolf decided she needed to let BabyBear go so She-Wolf can grow up more.  It was a rather amicable break up. It tore at MammaBear's heart strings to hear BabyBear sobbing but was confidant that BabyBear would be fine. BabyBear was picking herself up and moving on. She is strong that way.

(Side note: It came to attention that She-Wolf had another victim within weeks if not days)

Then BabyBear gets a message from She-Wolf insinuating that she could ruin BabyBear. The audacity of this BITCH. (She-wolf is synonymous with BITCH, look it up if there is any doubt.).

When BabyBear told MammaBear, MammaBear's first reaction was, "Who in the hell does she think she is?" God? Really??? Ohhhh...MammaBear was not happy!

MammaBear became angry and roared. She wanted to run to She-Wolf and claw her, bite her, eat her and then spit her out. She wanted She-wolf to pay for all the pain she has caused her BabyBear.

But MammaBear didn't because she knew her and BabyBear was way better than the She-Wolf. They would not go to the Bitch's level.

As days went by every time MammaBear thought of how She-Wolf threatened BabyBear she began to wonder: Hurting her was one thing but threatening..whole different story.

Again, Who the hell did She-Wolf think it was? Oh that's right! She has a self absorbed narcissistic view of herself.

What makes her think she has that kind of leverage on anyone else, let alone BabyBear? She obviously does not know BabyBear like she think she does.

How can She-Wolf say that to someone or even think it, especially to someone who she supposedly loved and cared for? 

Why would she even say it? 

Oh that is right, we're talking about the narcissistic, manipulating, hurtful Bitch.

MammaBear's advice to BabyBear was to move on. Stop all communication with She-Wolf. And always remember she is a good Bear. She has a heart of gold and deserves so much better.  

The End.


  1. Interesting, I hope baby bear finds good and full happiness very soon.


  2. Thanks Pam. I was trying to do something different :). I hope BabyBear does too. x0


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