Monday, January 20, 2014

An OOPS Forwarded Email

Hubby and I have been searching for contractors to build a garage.When it finally warmed up and stopped raining, we went to a business in the middle of the afternoon. They seemed to be closed. Their chain fence was locked and no one was there.

I returned home and wrote an email asking what their hours were and told them we had visited his business but no one was around.

Surprisingly, I received a response within hours from the owner apologizing. He had been on a job site and gave us the hours and his phone number. He also offered to come by and give a free estimate.

I decided Hubby will be doing the calling so I forwarded the email and of course the crazy silly person I am, I made some comments meant for hubby only and signed it Sweet Pea, the nickname he has for me. 

Hubby got it and the business owner as well. Before I forwarded it, I somehow left the businessman's email on there As yahoo was taking its time to send I realized the error..but it was too late. 


I immediately sent the businessman an "OOPS", disregard and apology email.

He probably laughed his butt off. He didn't respond.

It was not graphic, thank God. But still embarrassing somewhat. 

So next time you send your loved one a text or email make sure it is only to them.

Have you done something like this before and wanna share? It would be funny.


  1. I have. It was at work though so I had to eat crow and make up some stupid excuse. I was careful after that! Xx

    1. Uh oh! LOL! I am just thankful it wasn't really naughty LOL! I am sure it blew over..xx


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