Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Household Entertainment

This is what Hubby and I do on Saturdays. Stay in jammies and play PS3 and Wii games. LOL!

I almost did not post the pic.Why you wonder?

 I normally don't like taking pictures, especially waist down. I don't know exactly why. I know part of it is I don't like the way I stand. This picture doesn't show it too much. 

My hair is a mess, 

And as you see I am in my pj's. 

My Handsome Lovable Hubby is in the background watching me. He just smiles. I ask what is he thinking and he says "Nothing" but hmmm….

He is probably thinking, my silly wife. LOL!

I had trouble getting PS3 motion controller to calibrate all week.  Hubby was finally able to.

After some archery, tennis and bowling I am tired. It is amazing how these games can wear you out.

Being on my feet even for a short time is a challenge as well. When I am having fun, I ignore it as much as I can and take little pit stops and sit for a minute or two then I continue on until I can't really go on.

So this is how we entertain ourselves and each other.

Sometimes I enjoy just watching him play some of his games. 

That's one thing we differ, the genre of games we like and play. He likes cars, sword fighting, boxing. I like shooting like Doom, trivia, arcade like games. However, both of us enjoy one car game and the Sports games.

So for those who didn't believe I wasn't feeling better, here's evidence that I am!

What does your family do for entertainment?


  1. Just heading upstairs to play WII U with the boys! You look totally awesome and in good spirits. Love it! You take great photos.

    1. AWESOME! I am sure you had fun! Thanks for the compliments! I am not sure how Wii U works. Maybe one day you can explain it to me !

  2. We have a Wii but I never play it. Maybe that should change. And pajama photos rule! Thanks for keepin' it real.

    1. Yea, we bought the wii fit and yoga. I was doing well but then stopped. Your welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting :)


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