Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yes, my topic is spitting. 

I hate when people spit. I think every single time I see someone spit, someone is going to walk on that spit. 


My daughter used to have that habit. She claimed it was phlegm. I told her to spit in a Kleenex. She would spit out the car window. I kept telling her one day it would fly back and hit her in the face.

Lo and behold, it happened. It was hilarious. She toned down the spitting, out the window anyway. 

I think she took after her father who would spit a lot. I would fuss all the time.

Did I say it was gross. Well it is!

It seems a lot of sport players spit. It's like a habit. Every time I see them spit, "EWWW" comes out of my mouth.

It makes me shiver.

For in case you don't know. The New Orleans Saints played the Philadelphia Eagles in a play off game. The saying was our Saints couldn't play in the cold and outside as we have a dome. We did win, it was touch and go but we did. That's all that counts.

You know every sports team has fans. Most of us are decent and take the loses as well as the wins graciously.

There are also some who are just down right crude and nasty. 

I am sure you can find any fan from any team doing something stupid or disrespectful. 

But here is  a video to show such nastiness from the Brotherly Love City!

Real sportsmanship eh?

I wonder sometimes when I see someone spit, if that phlegm or spit has some kind of germ that can be contagious. 

I am thankful my child is old enough. But imagine your small child who is curious bends down and sees something. It is spit. He or she puts their hands on it? They want to put it in their mouth?

Yea, I know. It is outrageously gross.

If you need to spit, go spit in the toilet in a bathroom or bring a handkerchief or Kleenex to spit in.


  1. oh man! I did not see this post coming at all. You are so right, spitting is so nasty. Especially when you hear it coming and you know the person is sucking up all kinds of horrifying things to spit right on the path you are walking. yucky, yucky

    1. I know it was an unusual post but it had to be said LOL. Yucky, Yucky is right.

  2. Ewwwwwww. That is gross. My son used to do it when he was younger. I hope he's stopped by now. I don't recall seeing him doing it as an adult.

    1. You would expect it from a boy somewhat but a little girl? LOL I don't think mine does it anymore either.


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