Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Don't Buy Those Tire and Service Warranties!

I was without my car for 1-1/2 weeks. Ask me if I was going insane!

Mind you, I am not a person to be on the go all of the time. However, it is nice to have my car within reach when I DO decide to venture out. Also, I was in the process of planning BabyGirl's college graduation after party and couldn't do anything productive because no car. 

One Saturday, Hubby and I decided to go to a different church for Mass because our town was having a festival and we knew there would be parking wars. This church is only 10 miles the opposite way of the church we regularly attend. 

Not even a mile from our driveway, we start hearing a flapping sound. Hubby had been telling me I needed to get my car aligned because it was drifting to the right side. I procrastinated. I know. My Bad!

But wait!

Hubby stopped and one of my tires were splitting. We turned around, came home, switched cars and went to Mass. God knows we needed it.

When we returned, Hubby went to put the spare tire on but it didn't have any air. 

Ahh! It's the way our life is. 

We made a plan. After work Monday, Hubby was going to go to our tire guy. He sells used tires that are just like new. His price of thirty-eight dollars per tire is not bad either! 

When Hubby got there that Monday, the guy said they didn't make the size we needed anymore. The guy seemed confused and said those tires weren't supposed to be on the car. To make a long story short, we learned the dealership (JPT) sold us the car with the wrong size tires. Our suspicion of the car salesman who sold us the car as being shady was confirmed.

TireGuy also said the reason my tire was split was not because it needed alignment but the tire inside was dry rotting and something about stripping the tire belt and metal. I am sorry I don't understand all the technology. 

Whew! I'm off the hook! It wasn't because of the alignment! YAY ME!

The next day I called every tire store just to make sure Tire Guy was saying the truth. After all, people we put trust in lately, has been screwing us and we needed to make sure. 

I called just about every tire store there was in the area. The responses I received were:"There is no such thing" or "What?" I had to repeat and they asked if I was sure. Gawd, I hate men who question women like they are stupid. I would respond, "I have it written right here from my husband." One said he could order them for $240.


We had gone look at a car in the middle of this chaos which is another story but they gave us a payment sheet of the car we were looking at.  We saw tire and service warranties that would equal to $1400! 

While we pondered that night, Hubby remembered we had tire warranties and service warranties that we paid for when we bought the car. We dug them out and read the very little fine print that was confusing. Here's food for thought next time you buy a car. Make sure you read all of the costs when you buy the car. The salesperson will just glide over the cost and act like it is standard and required. Both dealerships did it. It must be a sales thing. I

We spent $498 for a tire warranty and another $498 for service warranty for naught. They don't cover squat! We won't be paying for warranties when we buy another car. It's long page of small fine print of BS.

The next day, Hubby attempted to call the salesman who sold us the car thinking he could tell us whether the warranty would include this problem. The guy was obnoxious and denied he sold us anything and rudely hung up on Hubby.

Yea!  That's right. Such professionalism! NOT! He was all nice and sweet when he sold us the car. But now he didn't know us.

I had bought from this dealership years back and vowed I never would again but Hubby reminded me that things could have changed. So I had reluctantly agreed. 

And then there we were. I vowed again I will never go back to this dealership and will not. I will stand my ground on this one. 

Hubby went back to our Tire Guy. He knew we were in process of looking for a better car and trading this one in. He said we could just change the split one and the other front one to make it even, it might look a little weird but it would work for what we need. 

He didn't have any so we had to wait until his delivery came through the next day and the next.

In the meantime, I found JPT Facebook page and saw all these "I am so happy" "Thanks JPT for a wonderful car" but I did find some negative responses as well. I added my negative comment calling out the salesperson by name. I was waiting for it be removed but it is still there. Isn't social media just great for times like these?

It took us a few days to finally get the tires because Hubby could only get one at a time as I only have one spare and he didn't want to leave my car on blocks. 

A few days after I wrote the comment on Facebook, Hubby received a voice message from the manager. Hubby returned the call and left him a voice message. Haven't heard from them again.

I am on the road again hoping nothing else goes wrong before I get to trade it in. 

I advise you to look at your contract very closely and make sure you really want to buy those worthless warranties


  1. Ugh, how frustrating. I never buy warranties for much of anything except my work computer. I have been offered warranties for flashligts at Best Buy!

  2. Yea, I was never one to buy all those excessive warranties but husband does, or maybe did lol. Yea they are trying to get every buck from you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting@


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