Saturday, June 28, 2014

Decision is Made..My Car's name is….


I will be calling her Cora.

In my last post, you learned my awesome Hubby bought me a new "used" car, a black 2013 Toyota Corolla.

I never named any of my cars in the past. None I can remember anyway.

The first name that came to mind was Boopsie since I love Betty Boop.

So I asked for suggestions on Facebook. They were all good ideas.

Some shared the name of their cars: Ike, bit%&amp, (Yes that was a name, she spelled it like that so it wouldn't offend anyone) Laquisha and one was trying to be smart and/or funny simply saying "Car."

But there was some that actually thought about it: Black Beauty, Cora, Olla,

I loved them all. Thank you everyone!

Hubby and I were playing around with names. Okay, it was mostly me he went along with it because he loves me that much! He never named his cars. I was combining our two last names etc.

Then I remembered BabyGirl names a lot of things and she comes up with creative names. So I called her and she immediately said Diamond because there are black diamonds.

Of course, I can't just go with one name. My mindset is if I am going to name her, it has to have a first, middle and last name so there it is.

Cora for Corolla. Diamond because it is like a beautiful elegant stone to me. Landreaux, combo of Hubby and I's last names.

So there you are.

Share the names you have for your vehicles.

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