Thursday, July 31, 2014

Diagnosis of Rash

I have been having this awful  rash on my right foot. It started in November. I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine (cream and pills) stabilizing it for a while but it seemed like it just cycled back to the beginning.

It started with red bumps on the soles of my feet that itched so bad it nearly drove me insane for a few days. The itching was so bad it made me nauseous. Then it turned brown and became very tender. It was hard to walk as when my foot came into contact with anything it hurt It felt like walking on a lily pad of needles. Whether it was water or the floor or my socks, I had intense pain and itching. After several days it started to peel. It was like a whole new layer of skin but scaly. While I watched TV , I peeled the skin. It was absolutely gross but it helped the itching. Then it seemed like it would start all over again. I was miserable. Sometimes the itching was so bad I was nauseous and I wanted to just scratch my skin off!

However, a few bumps started on my arm and hands. I had enough! I called a dermatologist. A month later when she looked at my foot she exclaimed, "Oh sweetheart! You have a bacterial infection and I think fungal infection. I am going to do a biopsy for a culture."

I gasped, "A biopsy?" She emphasized we needed to find out what this was because it was very bad. She did the biopsy right then and there. All I felt was a sting when she inserted the needle to administer the local anesthetic.

She informed me this will take a while to heal but she was confident that we could beat this.  She sent me home with samples of a cream, a strong antibiotic and oral Lamisil, an anti fungal. This medicine regimen will be a 6 month journey! The Lamisil I take once a day for two months straight then for the last four months I take it for only a week per month.

The next day this rash spread to my other foot and hands. I thought I would go insane. (Okay, no wisecracks here!)

I developed nausea and my GERD flared. But changing the time I took the Lamisil and a little baking soda water has kept it sort of stable.

A week later the nurse called me to inform me the culture indicated I had ID reaction and a severe infection. She changed that one cream to two creams, one for weekends and one for weekdays and continued my other meds.

During follow-up one week after the phone call, we were happy it was better with less itching and looking a little better but still a ways to go. She told me she still wanted me on an antibiotic so she gave me a less potent antibiotic that I actually never heard of and continued my other treatments.

I expressed how I felt about the rash on my hand was making me feel like a leper.

I have lived with a physical disability but this extra medical malady has really worked on my self-consciousness. I don't want to shake any one's hands. I don't want to give money to a cashier. I don't want to go to Communion. I don't feel comfortable cooking or even touching MyHubby.

She offhandedly said the "light box' could help with the scaling skin but it would have to be 2-3 times a week and she knew I lived out of town. She also mentioned at a later date that maybe we can do a patch allergy test because she believes I am using something or touching something that I am allergic too that is causing this.

The only type of light therapy I heard of was used for sleep disorders and seasonal affect disorder.

I asked her about the light box and she explained it to me more thoroughly. It could help with the scaling of my hands and feet but it is not necessary. I told her I didn't mind going twice a week if she thought it would help. She said it would probably only be a month but she thinks it'll get things moving along a bit faster.

I walked away with a prescription for a different antibiotic and an appointment to start my light box treatment Monday. I am to continue the creams and other meds.

Another tidbit I learned from this was wearing colored socks aggravated conditions like I have. The best socks for everyone to wear is white cotton socks.

That's where I am with this condition. It's always something. I am amazed my little body has endured so much and still functioning. Thank you God :).


  1. I am interested in the light box, I thought it was for SAD. I used to have a happy light on my desk, but it did not seem to workl lol
    I hope you feet and hands heal quickly!

    1. Thanks so much Pam. I'll write a post or write you an email after I experience the light box. The light therapy I knew about mostly was for sleep disorders and that just contained going outside right after you wake up for those who have hard time waking up. I heard about SAD but had no clue the effects. Wasn't aware of a "light box". :)


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