Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Furniture

I am sorry if you got this with a distorted URL. Duh me forgot to write a title and in turn, the URL was not right. I can't cut/paste for whatever reason as when I do it is all distorted.  However, I did something right! I saved it. I just have to retype it so here I go…again. 

On my previous post I mentioned I fell on my head which provoked Hubby and I to buy new furniture. Our furniture was delivered the day after Christmas. I thought I'd share some pictures.

I want to remind you I am not a photographer. I did crop the pictures but you may see some things in disarray or dusty. As a matter of fact, we put the new entertainment center in front of the old one as we weren't sure how everything was going to fit. Rest assured it is all nice, clean and in order.

Dresser. I finally have enough drawers that I need.

Entertainment Center. 

Cozy and Comfy Reclining Love Seat

End table with two drink holders
Our surprise USB and electrical plug sockets. YEA!

My respect strengthened for furniture movers. Imagine every day lugging other people's furniture to their homes, maneuvering around other furniture and in doors making sure nothing is scratched or broken. And I am not talking about just the furniture. I mean the home's other furniture, floors and doors. They were very careful.  Yes, they have a few machines to get it out of the truck but once it gets into the home they have to move it.  I asked them if they work-out. They chuckled.

Now our home is pretty much finished as far as furniture. It took us three years but hey we've done it.

By the way, we did not throw out the evil chair that flipped me. It is in our living room with our other chairs that I can sit in when I am in that room.

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