Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update on Payton and Silly pic of Me

I thought I'd update the goings on with Payton. He went back to St. Jude's but there was a setback due to his blood levels are not up to what it is suppose to. So they are there waiting until next week to start his next round of chemotherapy. The fundraisers on his page is still in effect. There is also a jambalsya cook off scheduled as below.

I know most of my followers are so far they can't come but remember there is a account. ALL is appreciated.

I thought I'd also add some pictures of Hubby and I support.

Me! I have no clue why the floor looks so dirty because it wasn't!  I guess that's just the way it looks  Hubby also had to take the pic when my mouth was opened. Ugh... And as you can see I was being silly! I actually sorta like this picture of myself. It doesn't show my knees bent too much!

Here's my handsome awesome Hubby!

We appreciate your support and prayers. 


  1. This is awesome! How are you doing Randy? Been a long time buddy! - Mike Barton 2/26/15

  2. Randal is doing fine Mike. He says yes it has! Thanks for stopping by Mike!!

  3. I am praying for the little guy. You and hubby wear read well!


    1. Thank you Pam for the prayers and compliment :)


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