Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Fresh New Start

The A2Z challenge is finished. I am so proud. It is a Fresh Start for me.

I'm going to tell you about my day.

My day started with breakfast with BabyGirl at Ihop. We spent time catching up and munching. I really enjoy our time together. I realize not all children spend time with their parents. I know I am blessed. I really need to start to do the same with my Mom.

Then I went buy my Hospice patient some ice cream and went visit. She was sleeping. I gently called her name and she opened her eyes briefly but went right back to sleep. I stayed for about 20 minutes then left her a note.

After I had to go to the dreadful Wallyworld for a few things. As I was going through the door I noticed an elderly black man on one of the Walmart scooters. I saw him struggle. He was putting his collapsible rolling walker in the basket. 

I know how irritating it can be when good intentional strangers try to help so I stayed back and watched. He started going again so I figured he was okay. I passed him and said hello. I wasn't but a few feet ahead when I heard a bang. I turned around. His walker had fallen down. We caught each other eyes. He quietly asked if I could help.  I went maneuver the walker laying it down.

He said, "Oh thank you so much!" I assured him it was no problem.  I think we connected because we both have a disability. He seemed to be a proud man and I know it was hard to ask. It was a short exchange but it made my heart smile that I could help someone rather than someone helping me. I saw him rolling around when I left.

I went to the library to pick up my books on hold. I had one night without a book to read, it was terrible! I'm all set up now!

Oh, did I say I had my top on my car down letting the sun shine and wind blow in my hair. Oh yea!!! Now that's some good living and a delightful day!

Until next time….


  1. I love spending time with my mom, also! She's probably my best friend. She was that way with her mom, too, and I had a great relationship with my grandparents, so I think that's something that runs in the family/can be taught by example.

    Interesting story about the man at Walmart. I'm comfortable around people with disabilities because of my job history working with them, but it IS really hard to know when to help, and when to step back. Especially in public, with someone I don't know, I'm hesitant because I don't want to swoop in like a hero, but I also don't want to appear like I'm standing back staring/judging. Delicate balance!

    - Allison

    1. Allison, I do too but my mom and I live in different cities and it is difficult to spending time with her. Another thing is at 70+ years old she is still active.I can't even get her on the phone because she is always somewhere which is a good thing.

      I do take in consideration people do not know when to help. And people like me, it is twice as hard because my pride gets in the way. As long as you quietly ask if they need help is good. It is embarrassing when a loud mouth with good intentions yells out if I need help. I do not like to bring attention to myself and I'm sure others don't either. I think you have a better understanding and you're wonderful to be aware of the delicate balance. Thank you for dropping by.


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