Tuesday, April 14, 2015



I had a whole different post written for letter "L". However, I decided to do change it. I want to talk about my BabyGirl, Layla Ruth.

In many posts, I speak about her as BabyGirl who is really not technically a BABY anymore. As parents our children are always our babies. God blessed me with one child and I graciously thank him for giving HER to me.

She is 22 years old who has been through so much.  She was born to a disabled Mom. She was bullied at school. You can read about her father, who is not a typical father, on previous posts . She had to deal with her father and I divorcing. She worked a full time job and went to college and was in the honors classes.

I am so very proud of her.

She is a college graduate and just took the test to get into Grad school for her degree to work with kids with chronic pain. which she knows a lot about with her should and kneel problems.

She has a love in her life who seems to let her be her own person and loves her deeply.

I sometimes look at her pictures and cry.

Cry for the past pains she went through

Cry because I am so proud of her for the young independent strong woman she has become.

Cry because I KNOW how special our relationship is as mother/daughter and am so very thankful.

And no I did not get her name from Eric Clapton's song. I thought of the name before someone told me about it. I actually saw Leighla in a baby names book but I wanted to make it easy on her when she learned to spell her name.

I love you Layla!


  1. Awww, what a great post for your daughter!!!

  2. She is a beautiful young woman. And I might add...lucky to have you for her Mom. You've taught her to never back down and never give up and that's what she sounds like did!! You did good Mom!

  3. Thank you so much Barb. At least she was listening to some of what I was teaching her lol.


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