Friday, April 17, 2015



First, I need to apologize for my post yesterday. I wasn't into it because when I wrote it I was not feeling well, had too much going on and lost focus. I had been one letter ahead in the challenge but now I'm not. Crap!

Anyway, have you noticed how kids are not playing outside as much as we did?

I remember I couldn't wait to be able to go outside and play. On summer vacation and weekends I would wake up, have breakfast and I was out the door taking a break for meals. Staying inside was boring.

I rode my bike and played with the kids in the neighborhood. We played some kind of ball, Indians and Cowboys, tag, made mud pies, etc.

If it was raining, I would run to our screen porch or find some kind of cover to wait for the rain to stop.

We know children live near by because we've seen them coming and going. They also have a jungle gym outside. But we never see them playing.

I understand many parents are concerned about their safety. But that's when parenting comes in.  I admit I was overprotective with Babygirl but I used to let her play outside. I kept a close eye on her and if she was going play at a neighbor's she had to let me know she was going elsewhere and check in.

I was reading some research and it showed many benefits of going outside.

It provides Vitamin D from the sun which helps with moods, energy levels, memory and overall health.

It promotes problem solving. One example is if they are building something they have to figure out the best way to do it.

Stimulates the imagination. I remember BabyGIrl and I went outside and looked at the sky and pointed out what we saw.

Nowadays, research show more children are staying inside watching TV, playing videos and searching the internet.  Experts say obesity and other health issues as well as behavioral problems are on a rise because kids are sedentary.

According to a study in the past two decades an average child spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured play each day and more than 7 hours per day in front of an electronic screen. WOW!

It's mind blowing seeing how things have changed. I remember being outside when the street lights would come on and a few minutes before or after I would hear my dad whistle for me to go in. I was listening for it while I was trying to get those few extra minutes outside.

How many hours did you play outside? How many hours does your children play outside? Think about that for a bit.


  1. It's so sad how kids stay inside these days! I admit to liking the internet (because... hello! hehe), but even I go out every day for a walk, or to sit outside and read - SOMEthing! My 5yo stepson always wants to watch TV on his daddy's phone inside, or watch a movie. Not even play with toys or imagination much! But trust me, that's changed with each visit here. Now he rides his bike with me on daily walks and plays in the backyard. My baby boy, on the other hand, throws a fit if he doesn't go outside in the day. Just taking him onto the porch calms him down SO much. Maybe he'll be a nature boy!

    - Allison

    1. It is sad and so unhealthy. At least you are trying to change things. I sit out side and read, when it is weather-appropriate. Unfortunately, it has not been lately.

  2. We were always outside growing up. We lived on a farm and didn't even have a TV until I was six and then we were strictly supervised and not allowed to watch but one program and not daily. But we loved playing outside making up games as we went, or playing hide and seek, jumping rope, riding our bicycles, making mud pies, climbing trees and shooting with sling shots.

    I don't know what the world is coming to with all the electronic gadgets today. It's no wonder that obesity runs rampant. And kids never get any fresh air or sunshine. I can't imagine it. I know there are many bad apples in the world today, but parents can still be diligent and let their kids play outdoors.


    1. Your childhood sounds as wonderful as mine. I agree with the you on the electronic world today!


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