Monday, April 20, 2015



Before we moved on our almost 3 acres on the outskirts of a country bumpkin town, we lived in an apartment in the city. As I stated on previous posts our neighbors were obnoxious and noisy. I understand with so many people you will hear noise but it was excessive. We were miserable and stressed. The people above us was constantly stomping. It was never-ending

We were finally able to get out of there.

It is so nice to sit here in my chair and not hear stomping above me or kids yelling etc. I hear 'natural' sounds. Dogs bark occasionally. Cars pass by on the highway. People mowing their lawns.  Birds are chirping. But otherwise it is so quiet, especially at night.

I know some people like background noise like the TV or the radio. Not me. I like the quiet.

We've been here almost 3 years.

At night, we lay our heads on our pillows and I listen.  It is quiet and I just smile to myself.

Sometimes, I whisper to Hubby, "Listen!"

The first few times he would listen and ask curiously, "What?"

My reply, "That's just it! Quietness!"


  1. I love it! I was 18 when we moved out of the city. Living in a quiet village is so amazingly soothing to the soul... Until Sunday mornings, when people get down to mowing the lawn at 7am :D But still, there is nothing like it.

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    1. I understand what you are saying. What is interesting, one of our neighbors mow the lawn at 8 pm sometimes.

  2. I live in a setting similar to yours and I love it. My father was one who always had his radio on to go to sleep. My mother had to adjust, but she did.

    1. I'm glad we have this in common, enjoying our setting! Ahh marriage of compromise :)

  3. We have a similar situation here in Australia. Moved out of town 15 years ago and looove the quiet! Carolyn @

    1. Australia is one place I always wanted to visit. So glad you enjoy the quiet too. Nowadays everything is so noisy!

  4. Ah, quiet! Blissful, for sure!


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