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Xanax is used to treat different conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety caused by depression. I have none of these. The reason why I take Xanax is for muscle craps due to Cerebral Palsy.

Years ago I had muscle cramp at the most  inopportune time. This may be a little too much information but it started to kill the mood quickly during intimacy. 

So Doc gave me the Xanax at a very low 0.5 mg dosage to see if it helped.  Thankfully it did. 

I get cramps in my hands, fingers, toes and calves. I get them mostly in my toes and calves. When they involve my calves it feels like a snake writhing through the muscle and wrapping around it and squeezes. It happens mostly at night when I get ready to fall asleep. I guess my body is relaxing but my muscles think otherwise.

I have had so many people tell me I need to drink more and my potassium is low etc etc. It is not true because I've had them since I was a child.

As a nurse I know Xanax is usually habit forming. Occasionally, I've stopped the Xanax on my own. I was either financially strapped or I get in the mood of just tired of all the medicines I take.

I went to a dermatologist recently and she was the very first doctor to ever to look at all my medications while  trying to prescribe something for me. She told me Xanax counteracts with many drugs. I told her I could get off it for a few days. She informed me with conviction that I could not do such a thing because my anxiety would certainly inflame. I told her I didn't take Xanax for anxiety. I took it for cramps. She still was convinced that if I stopped I would be anxious. Maybe she is right. I don't know. 

Of course, my insurance does not cover any muscle relaxants, so expense it is all mine.  But it helps with my cramps tremendously.

Do you take any medication for something that it is not usually used for?


  1. I'm not sure how everything is really working, but you paint a concerning picture that your healthcare is being done piecemeal and there is not anyone overseeing it all.Do you have a GP or similar doctor you go to regularly? Long term Xanax use and its interaction with other meds should certainly be monitored to figure out what's right for you and different symptoms. Have you talked to your insurance company about muscle relaxants that may be covered or alternatives that they suggest? My insurance is always suggesting things for me that may cut my costs. Good luck in figuring it all out.

    1. Yes, I go to several doctors and I have asked about it in the past and they say if it works..my body is strange. My insurance does not cover ANY MUSCLE RELAXANTS. It is why doc put me on Xanax. My insurance (Medicare) is always suggesting things to cut costs but not my costs, their costs. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    2. If the Xanax ever stops working for you, I see that there are a few muscle relaxants on the approved Medicaid drug list. However, it looks like that most of them need a special exception to be able to use them. Your doctors should be able to work with you if you need this exception. In the meantime, if you have something that works that is not causing any other problems, I wouldn't mess with success.

    3. I had tried a few muscle relaxants years ago but it made me sleepy and nonfunctional. If/when I try to get off of it, it will be a taper off process. During that process I don't think he'll put me on anything else. I rather not mess with it because I really don't want the craps. :) Thanks for your concern!

  2. I've known people to take Xanax for anxiety but never leg cramps so that's a new one for me. Xanax is very habit forming, but you know that already of you're a nurse. I would probably take it too if I had leg cramps that bad. You can't live with those cramps either.

    I take a water pill for fluid on my ears and most people I see think it's for high blood pressure, which I've never had.



  3. Sunni, yea I know but it was never addressed and as I said I got off it periodically and I didn't feel any more anxiety than before.But I did feel those cramps. SOmetimes I'm in tears when they come and I usually tolerate pain pretty well. My Husband takes a high blood pressure pill but he doesn't have high blood pressure but it is actually to maintain his kidneys. Thanks so much for dropping by!

  4. I believe my wife takes or has taken Xanax, but I don't recall ever having had it prescribed to me. On a few occasions I've had pain medications, but not often. Mostly I take stuff related to my diabetes. Actually, I probably should be more aware, but I just take whatever the doctor prescribes and rarely have I questioned it or made any fuss about it.

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  5. Arlee, most people trust their doctors and don't think anything about it. I once looked up all my meds and miraculously none had any bad interactions with the other. Pain medications make me sleepy so I avoid them at all costs. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!!


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