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Tabasco is a hot sauce that was first created in 1868 by Mr. Ed McIlhenny. 

Mr. McIlhenny mixed up fully aged red peppers, salt from the salt mine and the highest quality distilled vinegar and formed this hot sauce. It is hot and spicy. The recipe has never changed. It is that good! 

I remember my sister worked at the Pepper Factory as a teenager. They used to grow the peppers here. However, they only grow for the seed stock and then it is transported to Central and South America because of the predictable weather and farmland available there. 

It is sold in 165 countries. Bottles are sent with the presidential seal to be served on the Air Force One. Bottles are also included in the Meals, ready to eat(MRE) for all of the armed forces. 

What I think is even cooler is that the company (McIlhenny) is one of the few companies to have received the royal warrant of appointment that certifies the company as a supplier to Queen Elizabeth II.  
It is fascinating imaging the little bottle from my childhood island is shipped all over the world including the Royal Family. How cool is that?!!

You can put Tabasco on anything. I put it on just about everything I eat whether it be pizza, eggs, rice and gravy, burgers, sandwiches. The use of it is endless.

I remember my parents threatening to put Tabasco in our mouths for saying a curse word.  I did it to BabyGirl once because she just would not stop saying a particular word after being told not to. I put a minuscule dab of Tabasco on her tongue and I felt so bad immediately after. Milk helps the burn but it takes a while if you put it directly on your tongue.

I noticed there are a variety of them such as chiptole, habanero, mild and garlic to name a few. They have Tabasco chili which is delicious along with other food products you can find at the Tabasco Country Store on Avery Island either when you tour or online.

I highly recommend a tour if you are visiting the area or just want an outing.

Do you use Tabasco?  If so, what do you put it on?


  1. I always wanted to tour the Tabasco factory when I lived in LA, but I never got around to it. Oh, well.

  2. Maybe one day you'll come back and visit and you'll be able to tour it and maybe even visit me :)

  3. Now you're talking about something dear to me. I always have Tabasco Sauce on hand. Nearly every morning I start my breakfast with a glass of Clamato juice liberally infused with Tabasco. My mouth waters when I just think of Tabasco Sauce. When I was in my 20's and 30's sometimes I'd sip Tabasco straight from the bottle--in relatively small doses of course. I don't do it straight like that anymore, but I go through several bottles a year just dousing my morning juice with it.

    I think it would have been in 1979 when I toured the Tabasco factory. Loved that tour. They had a sample pepper bush outside of the building where the tour began and I plucked on of those little red peppers and ate the whole thing. I kind of regretted that--my mouth was burning for a while. At the end of the tour they gave us little tiny bottles of Tabasco.

    I've been wanting to return and take that tour again, but now when I'm in the area I'm passing through in a hurry. Maybe one day I'll slow down enough to revisit Avery Island.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote

    1. Wow, you are THE man to drink Tabasco straight from the bottle, even in relatively small doses. I'm happy that you were able to toured the Tabasco factory. As a child our field trips were there and we also got little tiny bottles of Tabasco. When you do return, let me know maybe we can meet, even if for a second. Did you tour the Jungle Gardens?

    2. I did not tour the Jungle Gardens as my time was limited. I'm thinking about lining up some stops this summer when I do my cross country journey to visit my family in Tennessee and New Jersey. I don't know if I'll make to your area, but it might be a possibility. I'm hoping to set up some meetings with a few small groups of bloggers in areas where I'll be. This is all up in the air right now and logistically it may not be feasible for me, but I'm going to study the issue over the next couple of weeks.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      A Few Words

    3. Okay Arlee! I would love to meet if you come this way. I totally understand if it is not feasible. I hope you have safe travels!


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