Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dad's Accident.

It's been an emotional and exhausting week. 

As Hubby and I were retiring for the night Tuesday evening, my phone rang with my panicky crying  Mom on the other end. I could tell right away that something was very wrong. 

First, she never calls me at that time of the night. Second, I rarely hear my usually calm mother sound like she is losing it. She told me Dad ran off the road and had neck injuries. I was at verge of losing it  too but I knew I had to be strong for Mom. Of course, my Hubby was holding and supporting me.

The next 24 hours were grueling. Thank God for my strong Husband. Without a second thought or being asked, he decided to not work the next day and help me do what had to be done. I am so grateful for him.

At first they were at the hospital near their home 45 miles from where I live. Eventually the hospital transported him to a different hospital closer to me. I saw my dad in the emergency room 4 hours after that dreaded phone call. 

My dad is a very active person. To see him on a gurney with a neck brace immobile tore at my heart. He was slightly confused and in horrible pain. I never heard my dad scream in pain before. After he heals I hope to never have to listen to it again. It was a heart wrenching hopeless and helpless feeling.

His brain muscle is bruised and he has 3 fractures of the C-1 and C-2 cervical vertebrae. He is so lucky it wasn't any worse.

When they admitted him to a room my Mom insisted on staying.  Hubby and I came home at 3:30 am. It was decided that my sister was going to go to work and Hubby and I were going to tend to getting stuff out of his truck and other errands. 

After about 3 hours of restless sleep Hubby and I were on the road again. We went to the towing place. Dad was mainly concerned about his wallet left in the truck which we got and called them right away because I know he was worried. We took everything that was salvageable. I've never seen so many keys in my whole life. 

Here's what was left of the truck. The truck tower told us that they had to break the frame of the truck with the Jaws of Life and pull him from the cab's window because the doors wouldn't open. The pictures doesn't look as bad as seeing the truck.

His truck was still on the tow truck. That's why it is slanted.

I mistakenly got Hubby in the picture. hehe

I think this picture terrifies me the most.

As you can see the grid with flowers. He was hoping it was salvageable. It was  not. They had to break it to get to him out. 

 I always thought the grid of flowers looked morbid, like a funeral truck or something.

Dad went home Friday. He needs someone with him 24/7. Mom insists she is fine and everything is okay. So I told her Monday I will be at her house and if she needs anything I'm at her disposal. I have a long list I know needs to be done that I know she either hasn't thought about or doesn't think it is important enough to do.

My sister is doing all she can do. But she had to go somewheres with her Hubby pertaining to HIS health.

We had so many offers to help, love, support and prayers we so truly appreciate. I think MySister and I got it all under control so Mom can focus on Daddy.

Until next time.


  1. Blogs can wait. Family comes first.

    1. Thank you Lolette. You are right! I appreciate you dropping by.

  2. What an incredibly stressful time. I too have had to jump in the car and meet my mother in the emergency room more than once, and it is exhausting in every way. I am glad that you father is home and mending and thankful for the support that you have had around you.

    1. Yes it is. Although things have slowed down I can't seem to rest after it. I guess I am still stressed and afraid. That ride to the hospital seemed like it took FOREVER. Thank you for your support!

  3. Truly lucky indeed!! I hope his road to recovery is quick and the pain minimal. Sending hugs!!

    1. Thank you so much Barb..You have no idea how much those hugs mean!

  4. Glad your dad's guardian angels were on duty! Prayers for you all.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! We so appreciate your prayers!

  5. Prayers for your family and you! Visiting from A to Z


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