Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Please be safe!

I guess you can say I have not been in the festive mood being I've been sick  I know. What is new? This time was the beginning of pneumonia and sinusitis. It knocked me down and I'm getting up slowly but surely.

We didn't put up a tree or any decorations. The most decorative we have is Christmas cards lined up on our shelves. Hubby hates this time of the year because he is sick of it as his job deals with it from September on. I keep telling him he needs to leave it at work. I guess the gloom is rubbing off of me.

My side of the family have decided to postpone it and get together after because a few are working and going to other places So that's fine.

Tonight, we do our usual Christmas Eve ritual. I love it. We go the Memorial Service to remember his dad and all the fallen soldiers. Then we are off to his brother's to have Christmas with Hubby's family which is cool.

Since we are not doing anything with my family Christmas day, BabyGirl is going to drop by after Hubby and I go to Mass. I'm cooking roast, mashed potatoes and corn. She also wants her gift.

We only buy gifts for BabyGirl and her Hubby. It is not much but hey it is what she wants. Hubby and I don't do the gift giving to each other because we get what we want during the year which I have a post coming of all my purchases in the last few months!

Oh and the weather is crazy here. Christmas Day we can wear shorts because it is supposed to be 80 degrees and stormy. We haven't had a handful of cold days yet!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time...

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