Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Don"t Live On My Phone

In our world today the majority of America is glued to their phones. They text, call and surf the web on their phones nonstop.

I don't. I have a simple Motorola Flip Phone. I only make phone calls with it. 

Most of the time when MyHubby is not home I try to have the phone in my pocket or when I leave the house.  I do this because I was given advice long time ago to carry a phone with me at all times to ease MyDaughter's worries of me falling and unable to get up.  I balked at the idea but grudgingly did so. Now in my old age (HA!) I think it was a good suggestion.

However, when Hubby is home I tend to forget about it. Of course, people call me and the phone is in the other room and I don't hear it if we have the TV on.

Or you know those times when your phone never rings all day but once you go to the bathroom, it rings! 

Many times when Hubby and I leave to go somewhere I seldom bring my phone because he has his. I figure if a family member or friend who has both of our numbers and it is very important, they'll call his if I don't answer.

When I return calls a lot of people ask me why I don't have my phone. Many ask me why I don't have texting, it would be so much easier. Not for me. It would be a nuisance. To keep pressing those little keys is not for me. I do it a little on my I-touch but to have a whole conversation ? Heck no!

MAYBE, one day Hubby and I will get a plan for texting. I doubt it though. It's hard to give up a $30 phone bill for a $100 bill.

If you should call me and I don't answer, its not that I don't wanna talk to you. I am either doing something or more likely I don't have the phone near or with me.  Leave me a message.

Until next time...

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  1. Your phone looks just like the one I have and I don't have it with me all of the time either. My husband's flip phone is 10 years old and barely holds a charge any more. I think we will get a smart phone when his finally stops working and join the rest of the world, but until then, we enjoy our inexpensive phones also.

  2. One other thing I do is carry my phone with me to the bathroom when I shower in case I fall or something. You just never know. I have a iPhone but at when I'm out I seldom use it unless it's answering a text or call from Ray. When he and I go out we don't take them out. We actually talk to each other over dinner / drinks. Imagine that!

    1. Barb, that is awesome you and Ray leave the phones home. I see so many people dining out and not even talking to each other because they're tapping on their phones. I think it is is sorta sadHubby brings his for in case some calls for an emergency.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I rarely answer my phone. I figure they will leave a message. Then I can deal with it when I am in a phone kind of mood. I do answer for my parents. With my brother gone now, I am the only one left to deal with any kind of crisis. :(

    1. Pam, I don't answer my phone unless I know the number. But I don't have it with me all the time. I try to when I am home alone. Thanks for stopping by. and commenting. Sorry about your brother. I think I read it on FB and left my condolences. You're a strong woman !


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