Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Imagine..being an instant BILLIONAIRE!

I know I haven't written. What can I say? I've been sick. I've had other things I've had to do. This little body and brain can do so much you know.

It's the Powerball lottery. Honestly, I don't usually buy lottery tickets except when the pot gets really big.  Just last week, someone from my hometown won 1,000,000 from the lottery matching 5 white balls.

I read the little store that sold the ticket has been swamped with lottery ticket buyers.

Hubby and I have often dreamed and asked each other what would we do?

We would pay off this home and build our ultimate dream home. Nothing any bigger than we have but much better quality.

I would pay for BabyGirl's college for her masters and help them pay off their home and car.

I would give a certain amount to our parents and siblings.

We would give a few good friends some.

Then I would find a family who is really in need and help them. Maybe donate some to charities like St Jude's.

An Australian vacation would be in order!

Hubby would be able to retire and I wouldn't have to share him with his work. YAY!!

After that I don't know.

Nothing wrong with dreaming right?

Until next time..

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  1. Dreaming is always fun. I think there's been a lot of it going on recently with this Lottery fever.

    1. Yea, I didn't win but it was fun dreaming :). Thanks for stopping by AND commenting!

  2. Nothing wrong with dreaming at all! Good luck to us!! Lol

    1. I hope you won because I didn't LOL!

      Thanks for dropping by AND commenting~

  3. It is human nature to hope and dream. Dreaming man sets himself certain tasks to realize during his life. Buying a lottery ticket all of us can forget about everyday problems for a moment. Personally I play at lotto one a week. I try to guess Saturday Lotto Results. This game gives me hope that someday I will able to dedicate more time to my family and to realize all good thinks of your list.


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