Monday, February 15, 2016

Rocking, Slipping and Sliding

Anywhere I sit, I slide.  It doesn't matter if I'm in a recliner, church pew, dining chair, stool, steps or bed I slide. It doesn't matter if I have a stool or my feet touch the ground.  

I'm sure I've had this since a child because I can remember vaguely, my mom nagging. I remember her words, "Sit up! Stop slouching!  Quit rocking!'

I used to rock side to side all the time as a child and I was constantly told to stop it. Teachers would pass by and put their hand on my shoulder. It was their way of telling me to stop discreetly. I find myself rocking only when I am dead bone tired now.

When I sit, I start by a nice straight up posture. But eventually I slide.  In a chair or pew or stool I am more aware because eventually I could land on my floor butt first. I'm constantly having to push into a straight sitting posture. 

In my recliner or bed, again I start in a nice and straight position, but its inevitable that i will be on half my back. 

I've been trying to consciously figure out why and how I do this.

Who knows?! I guess it is just me!

Until next time..

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