Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter. Ours started yesterday with a family reunion on MyHubby's father's family side. They had a total of I think 10 kids. There were many generations that attended. It was nice to finally meet MyHubby's aunts, uncles and cousins. I am now able to put a face to a name. The hosts was one of my Hubby's cousins and his wife. He had it so well planned with BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, music etc. I was nervous as I always am going into a gathering with people I mostly do not know. However, everyone made me feel welcomed. It was a good day.

After Hubby and I went to Walmart to get a pizza for our Easter lunch. Yea, I know. Some of you think Pizza for Easter? The last few Easters Hubby had to work. It's the way we roll sometimes and we have no complaints. We're going to have a pizza and watch a movie.

BabyGirl is working. My Mom is sick with acute bronchitis. My lovely sister is having something with her little family. So we're making it "US" time.

As we were walking from the car to Walmart's entrance, there was also a mother with a 6 year old girl and 9 year old boy. Ages are estimations. The 9 year old boy was pushing the basket when he caught sight of me. Thereafter his focus was solely on me. "SIGH". 

I understand people can be curious and look. But don't parents teach their kids it is not okay to stare? 

He was rolling the basket staring at me so he was definitely not looking where he was going. He rammed right into the glass window next to the sliding doors almost shattering the glass.

His mom grabbed the basket, shouting, "What's the hell wrong with you boy?" He was broken out of his focus and I got the giggles. It is just so funny to see the outcome of ignorance sometimes.

Hubby said he would have liked to see the glass shatter and see how it would have been handled. Would the mother  have to pay for it? What would the kid say? 

I still laugh when I think of it. Ironically, in Walmart I saw this shirt that has, "I MADE YOU LOOK."  It struck me because obviously I'm always making people look. 

There was also a shirt that had something like I am blessed I am a Mom. This is so true.

Later that night Hubby and I went to the Easter Vigil at 8 pm. I need to write a post about my experience with candles one day. It was a lovely mass, even if it was 2 hours, which is an hour over the usually mass. 

That's because they held a Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation for a few adult candidates. At first I, like many others, were annoyed. But then as I watched these sacraments taken place, it brought back memories when I baptized BabyGirl and my First Communion and Confirmation. It was an honor to see these young adults to choose to receive this sacraments. I sorta envied that they were able to do all 3 at once when I had to wait years to go from one sacrament to the next. It was so meaningful. Jesus resurrected and these young people are also restarting their lives with Jesus in their heart. How awesome is that?

I was amazed the rudeness of some people just walking out. During Father's sermon, a woman clickety clacked right out of the church in her high heel shoes. After communion, the pews were more empty because some just walked right out after they received communion.  Generally, that doesn't happen just for Easter, it happens every Sunday. I guess I was taught differently. But I keep thinking what is so important than spending another 15 minutes with God after Communion?

I often wonder what the priest thinks. Can you imagine standing up there talking to an audience and people just get up and walk out? Jesus is probably looking upon them disappointed.

Until next time...

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Routine Life, Of Late

I sit here and think of all the things I could write about. I start some posts  (81 drafts) but then in the middle I just get distracted or can't find the words and give up. The Blogging From A to Z Challenge is beginning soon but I have decided to opt out of it, officially anyway.  I'll probably be lurking and may find some interesting blogs.

I don't know. I've just been feeling like I've been in a non-ending circle of life. My usual medical issues are frustrating more times than not. I try to think it could be worse and others have it a lot worse. I've been dealing with medical issues ALL of my 53 years. I just get tired of it.

Well intentioned loved ones tell me I need to get a hobby or go out and do something. I've tried volunteering but my skills are not needed. Besides, the way I've been feeling with medical issues have been an obstacle. No one wants a person coughing up a storm or dry heaving around them.

I have a friend who goes shopping but I hate shopping and I don't have 100s of dollars to spend either. I don't see any point in "window shopping."

Also, the weather is a deterrent. The last few years I've noticed when its going to rain, my voice goes out and I get short winded more.

I am NOT a domestic person but I know I should be cleaning and such but the most I do is laundry, do dishes and cook.  When I decide to mop or clean bathrooms, I get short of breath and tire easily. It makes me feel absolutely useless. My poor husband works all day and not in the mood of doing chores either. I wish I could hire someone to come clean my house cheaply.

So my daily life lately has consisted of email, Sporcle, watching Netflix or Amazon and reading until Hubby comes home and then I cook, clean up the kitchen and we watch TV. I do go to the store a few times a week to get something I need. Hubby and I have date nights sometimes and we do go to family gatherings on occasion.

I guess our life is perfect in a way. No drama. No emergencies. No visitors although we had an invited strange one this week. Maybe it'll be a post later on.

Until next time!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Often Wonder About Parents Thinking

I was sitting in a waiting room to see my eye doctor when a mother walked in with a baby on her hip. I'm not good at estimating ages but I'll say the woman was in her 20's and the child was an 1 year old.

The temperature was sunny at 49 degrees with a light nippy breeze. The mother was dressed warmly in jeans, a shirt and jacket. The baby was dressed in blue jeans and a short sleeved shirt without socks or shoes.

I had to do a double take. I could not believe what I was seeing!

An older lady who was also waiting grimaced and whispered to her daughter looking at the baby. They were shaking their head in disbelief.

The mother evidently went to pick up something because she left after talking to the receptionist.

I could tell the child was chilled with his little feet and cheeks red. Poor baby.

Until Next time!

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