Monday, April 4, 2016

Presumably Virus Hit Me Like A SWUNG BASEBALL BAT

Last week was a messed up week. I was literally in bed for 3 days straight except to go potty. I assume it was a virus/dehydration. I was nauseous and when I got up, I saw dots before my eyes and everything spun. I felt like their were 50 lbs of weight on my ankles. I was wobbly (more than usual) and of course standing up made me more nauseous. Smell of food except mashed potatoes gagged me. 

Thank God for my husband! He knows me well and encouraged me to drink because he knows how fast I get dehydrated. He asked a few times if I needed to go to the hospital. Honestly, Monday while he was at work I considered it. I didn't think I would get through the day. But I did.

But every day before he went to work he filled my water bottle and when he returned he refilled, fed me Popsicles and cooked me mashed taters. It is one thing that soothes my nausea.

Thursday, I felt a little better and got up just to walk to the sofa. It has been a very slow process but I improve every day.

I am happy to say today I got up and felt good enough to actually cook our supper, spaghetti. I can tell I am not completely well because I have to sit every several minutes because I just feel exhausted.

Why does it take longer to get well than the days you are sick?  Ugh.

Right before I became sick I found out my former pharmacist and fellow co-worker's home burned.  I remember every evening I worked he came with the patients' medicines. Everyone enjoyed clowning around with him and he would sit and talk sometimes. When I read about the fire in the news I felt an emptiness and thought once again. Why does such bad things happen to good people? A Gofundme account was opened. I felt like I wanted to do something but couldn't figure out what. But I donated to his account hoping it helps him and his family to get back on their feet. Please say an extra prayer. Thank you.

Everyone stay well and smile!

Until next time..

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  1. So sorry about your friend's house. That's awful! Glad you're feeling better. My husband caught the flu last week right as he was supposed to leave for a business trip. He tried to make himself go anyway, but he almost passed out at the airport, so he decided not to go.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! He and his wife are very well known in our community so I'm sure they are getting all kinds of help. Glad your husband turned around. Hope he is better by now. I hear there is a nasty flu going around. Tell him next time to encourage him to stay home, to think all about the people he is spreading it to :).

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. This is one of the worst years I've had since I started childcare.20+ years now. Had the stomach bug twice myself since December. Awful! And it does seem to take more time to recover. I blame my age lol
    Hope your co-worker/friend finds a silver lining in his tragic loss. Sometimes we find those in traumatic events.
    Stephanie Finnell from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff

    1. Oh my Stephanie! I am sorry you had it twice. It was so awful. I am slowly but surely getting back..right now my appetite is off. I hope you are better by now. My coworker and his wife have had so much support and love. They are doing fine, just waiting for everything to fall in place. Thankfully they had insurance. Thanks!!


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