Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Mother's Day 2016

I hope everyone had an awesome Mother's day. I can say I had an extended one.

Friday, Hubby and I joined my parents with my mom's side of the family at their monthly outing.  One of the beautiful things to mention is that MyHubby gave my Mom a Mother's Day card from himself. It touched my heart. OMG my mom was in tears. I know it touched her.

Saturday was a quiet day. We spend time at God's place.

Sunday we were invited to my brother-in-laws. So we celebrated with them. They had boiled crabs and they were so delicious. For dessert we had watermelon. Does anyone know that I love watermelon! I hadn't eaten boiled crabs in ages. Thank you to Grady and Camille!

Since Hubby took a four day weekend we went on an outing. A few years ago BabyGirl had gone to
CandyLand Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe. She had brought back one of my favorite candies, big Sweetarts. I've been wanting to go there ever since.

They sell many kinds of 'old-fashioned candy" such as candy cigarettes, jawbreakers, gummibears, lemon heads, pixie six and much more.

Here's the small stash we bought. Hubby says the Cinnamons are delicious.
This is our candy bowl after adding our purchases.. You would think we had kids with so much candy and cookies around this household.

After browsing and picking our candy, Hubby bought him a strawberry ice cream cone which he thoroughly enjoyed. I found chocolate fudge. OMG it was so good!! I so love chocolate! I onlybought a small piece. I wish I had bought a bigger piece or more pieces.

This is only a third of the piece I originally had. Look how thick it is! It is so gooey creamy inside. Melts in your moth. It is so rich I can only eat a bite or two at a time. It is like biting into heaven.

To top it all off today BabyGirl treated me to Wings, gave me a lovely card and spend special time with me on her day off. How blessed am I! She also bought Randal's supper since he couldn't join us.

Hubby gave me a card too. It was so us! I laughed. I

I also would like to announce  BABYGIRL has been accepted into grad school after a short hiatus from school. I am one proud Mama. (I don't remember if I announced it already. Oh well if I did, you get to hear it twice!)

Until next time!

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