Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Squeezed Spine

Yesterday I received an answer of why I'm having pain. It was a long exhausting day.  My appointment was at 11:30. We arrived at 11. You never know how traffic is going to be so we left a little early. They called us in at 11:30 like a herd of cattle, calling 3 people at one time. We were herded into a X-ray waiting room. I was confused as well as another person.

They started calling names and directed each of us to a different x-ray room. I asked the X-ray tech why was I getting an X-ray when I had MRI's. Her first question was what pain did I have.(WTH?) My first thought was she should know this if she read my chart. Being the nice cooperative patient I am (most of the time) I answered her. She said my doctor wanted an x-ray to see how my spine moves in different positions. I didn't really accept that answer wholeheartedly but continued to be the little good patient I am.

She took one x-ray and was called out of the room. (HUH?) A second later her head pops into the door and told me to take a seat. (WTH?) 

She finally comes in and asks me about the tests I had before. I told her and she went back out again.  (WTF??) Another 15 minutes later, she came in and apologized saying that because of my questions they went ask the doctor to confirm if he wanted the x-rays. She finished the x-rays. I was sent back to the x-ray waiting room.

We waited.  

And we waited. 

We waited some more. We were chitchatting with the other patient and her family making comments how long it was taking. When I sit or stand too long in certain positions my pain is threefold. The chairs were uncomfortable. I kept sitting and standing and walking to the door staying there to see what was going on. I saw nurses walking in and out of rooms. It was a long wait. When the doctor's nurse walked by and saw me standing against the door frame she said they were waiting for a room. 

Ironically, two minutes later she called my name. The other patient said that her appointment was before mine which was true. So the nurse told us both to follow her. Hubby said as we were walking he saw several rooms empty. I told him it was probably for another doctor's patien[pts but who knows.

We were one step closer. Again, we waited and waited. It was past 1 pm.  I told Hubby the doctor was going to come in and ask how I'm doing. My answer was going to be I'm hurting, my blood pressure is probably high from trying to be patient, my bladder is full and my tummy is empty, what does he think? It lightened our moods.

About two and a quarter hours after my appointment time the doctor FINALLY walks in. He examined my hands and shoulders etc. Then he stated my worse fear! DAMN!

I have to have surgery. I knew it in the back of my mind but had a glimmer of hope. 

A short summary is my C-5-C6 disc is herniated and its "squeezing my spinal cord to death"  His exact words. It is severe. (What is new with my old worn out body?)  I told you nothing is every minor.

He said he doesn't think PT would help especially with my spasticity. He is afraid it will get worse and more problems arises. Without surgery, it definitely will not get better. I could actually lead to paralysis or death. Of course the side effects of the surgery are the same. But the pros override the cons. He spent a a long time with us being thorough about our concerns.

We walked out at 2:15. Is that ridiculous or what?

It will be a long recovery.  It is going to be hard to be dependent on someone else for every day needs for 6-8 weeks, if nothing goes wrong. I'm blessed to have my Hubby take his vacation days to care for me and my family to help after he has to go to work.  That is now the hardest thing to think about. 

If you are at all interested the surgery is ACDF (Anterior Cervical Disectomy and Fusion and click the link to check it out. I think it is cool the way they do that.  I've always been interested in surgical procedures. I would prefer not on myself though.

Sorry this was so long!

Until next time...

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  1. That is way too long to wait. However, what I always tell myself is the doctor is taking the extra time with another patient who needs it and I hope he does the same with me. I'm sorry that you have to have the surgery, but it sounds like there is no choice. However, after the surgery and recovery, it sounds like the quality of your life should improve a lot. Good luck.

    1. You are absolutely right. My hubby who is the patient one was really getting irritated. They know it is going to take a long time so they should schedule according. I have to admit he did take some time with me and I appreciated it. Thanks my friend. The pain is constant so even if it helps a little I'll be grateful. :)


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