Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Post Op Surgery

Its been a month since my surgery. I feel like its been six months. I was warned it could be a slow recovery.  It is still hard though. I admit I'm not the most patient person in the world when it comes to recovery.

In general the surgery was a success. I have no more pain in my hips when I walk. I still get some shocking pains in my feet but not like before.

I still have pain from surgery but it is to be expected. Tylenol takes care of it.

My swallowing is worse than before. I understand they had to intubate me, as they had to move my trachea and esophagus to make a passageway. The doc and report said everything was put back. Nevertheless the swallowing is bad. Doc and nurse keeps reassuring me  it'll get better as time goes by. I'm not like any 'normal' patient. It seems it takes me forever to recover.

For those who don't know what intubate is, its when a tube is placed into the trachea through the mouth into my airway and put on a ventilator that pushes air into the lungs. When the anesthesiologist told me they were going to do that I nearly freaked. 

The first few weeks I scared the crap out of MyHubby (and myself). I couldn't tuck my chin to chest as I usual do to swallow so it was a challenge. The pill and water would go down but some of the water would go into my trachea causing me to gasp and cough. I couldn't breathe. It felt like I was drowning. Folks, that is a very scary feeling. Trust me.

Thank God MyHubby is the calm one. Of course, it is not him going through the experience. HA!  He was scared but he calmly talked me into taking slower breaths and be less panicky until I got my breath back. 

It is getting better but something is just not right. Hopefully, they are right and it'll get better.

Because of the discomfort I have good nights and bad nights.  When I wake up sometimes its like my head is locked in place. I eventually turn it (very slowly)  but it is excruciating pain.

I can't get into a good position. I normally sleep on two pillows because of my GERD and COPD. But the pressure causes a pain from the neck to my  head whether I am on my side or back. I definitely can't sleep one pillow. I tried sitting up sleeping but I end up on my back and in weird positions.

One day I feel great and the next I can feel like crap. I wish it was more consistent. I am so tired of doing nothing. I was craving rice and gravy. Hubby cooks (mostly microwave) and he does it well but he doesn't know how to make gravy. One day I decided to cook. Hubby had put the pot on the stove. I made it simpler than I usually do I threw some pork chops in the pot with onions and bell peppers then threw a can of black eyed peas. I was so exhausted after and hurt all over the next day. Yea, it taught me a lesson.

MyHubby has been so awesome. He has been supportive and helpful.

Next week I have my follow-up appointment and I have a list of things to discuss with him. 

Anyway, some of you have been asking me so I thought I'd write a short post. Thanks for your support, love and concern.

Until next time..