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Here's a page to make it easier to post information if my readers should want to donate to this adoraable little boy, my cousin who has cancer.  There are various ways. I sure would appreciate it if you would share this post to all!

My first post about Payton is

Facebook page for up-to-dates:

You can send cards, gifts etc:

For monetary donations: Although St. Jude is a big help, they need money for every day needs and need a new vehicle to bring him back and forth. They only have one income at this time because they need to be with their little boy. Anything will be appreciated.

They were selling T-shirts but the campaign ended. Maybe if there are more that want it, they could redo it.

Angel Delcambre Higgins  are selling christmas ornaments.

Heather Dore are selling wristbands.
Heather is also selling T-shirts

There is also an account opened at Midsouth Bank  In New Iberia, La at the SuperOne.

Please everyone, find it in your heart to donate for this little boy. I know there are many people who need your help. This family will be so grateful.

Thank you!
There is also gumbo cook0off, pool tournament, etc. Please go and have some fun! Also his GoFundMe is still opened. Thank you for support and love.


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