Friday, October 29, 2010

My Cajun Life

Well here I am, yet another blog. I'm not sure what I want the theme to be so let us just say whatever I feel like writing I'll write. Any comments or constructive criticism are welcomed.

This past week I started taking a continuing education class at the local university. A classmate suggested to try this site so here I am.

Ever since I learned to write, I've written. I've written lists, journals, etc. . I regret throwing out journals but what can I say?

When I was married, I felt so unloved and unwanted I became frustrated. I started writing some erotica. }BLUSH" When I am depressed or hurt I write poems.

I want to write something inspirational in the form of a short story. I want to write something symbolizing happiness! I am happy now so I need to drag it out of me!

 I've dabbled with a short story for ages but can't get it together. (One reason why I started the CE glass.) I always wanted to write my daughter a story of our lives, but events just destroyed that thought for a while. I've also considered writing about my trials and tribulations of having cerebral palsy. It's like I dab then I stop.

So here I am. I'm new to the site so bear with me if I get lost :).

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