Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've always had weird dreams. I try to understand them because they are suppose to have some meaning.  I started documenting what  I remember on my LJ. So I figured I'll write them here too. Who knows? Maybe someone can give me an explanation of the meaning of them that I can agree with. I've read several books and articles giving the meaning of dreams but I either can't find my theme of my dream or if I do find something, I feel it does not pertain to me.

 The themes of my dreams usually stay constant. It's either, I lost my car, I can't find my daughter, Layla, Layla is always younger or I am at school or college and I miss the class.

When my ex and I were separated I always dreamed of him taking Layla or coming after me trying to kill me. Those dreams were understanding because he and I had a bad marriage for the last 10 years (We were married for 24). He had a temper and mentally abused us. He threatened he would win Layla during custody battle, which he didn't.

My dreams are sometimes jumbled or like a slide show without any ending. One dream stops abruptly and the other starts.

Last night I dreamed that I walked 15 miles (Anyone who knows me there would be no way I could walk 15 miles) and met up with my friend, Bee. It was getting ready to rain so she told me to get in her car. She had to do some errands and we ended up what seemed like a auto parts shop. Another friend, Bonnie was there. Bee and Bonnie were talking and then Bee and I left. Bee asked if I wanted her to drive me home. I told her I didn't want her to go out o her way. Then I said wait let me see where Layla is. So I called Layla, she would answer but we would get disconnected. Finally, we stayed connected until we were finished. I asked where she was and I said on the other side of Lewis Street. She asked me what I was doing there. I told her I was walking. I told her to come get me. Bee  interrupted and said she would bring me home..that dream ended and then another one began.

The next dream was that I was sick and going to the doctor. Layla was driving and I was giving her directions. When we got to a certain point, everything changed. It was like more buildings and more streets. We kept meeting dead ends. So I got in the car and went the opposite direction and we finally found it. But it was 15 minutes after closing time and my doctor had left. Layla started demanding workers to find me a doctor. My regular doctor's partner shows up and asks what's wrong.  I started telling him and then the dream ended and blended into the next dream.

  The whole team was missing perfectly thrown balls. The announcer was a tall dude standing by our dugout. He looked familiar but I can't place him. Anyway, he had the headset on and calling the plays and giving statistics. However, there were was no paper or computer screens anywhere for him to read from. I thought, "Wow, he is just saying these statistics and information out of his head." I also saw tacos in that dream but I don't remember exactly what it was about.I finally woke up.

I wake up tired and Randal, my domestic partner who I adore, says no wonder I'm tired, I am always walking or running. He says I need to dream of something calm like the beach. Yea, right..I only wish.

This IS My Life!

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