Thursday, November 18, 2010

Granny Dream

 Last night was all about Granny. It was like watching a montage of her. She was walking slowly in the big house she lived in. Then she was sitting in her corner sucking chicken bones with her dogs around her, one was Ginger.. What were her other dogs names anyone remember? Another scene was she was with us grocery shopping. She was in her rocker watching a soap opera. One scene was I was in a bed and she wanted to spoon feed me LOL.  She walked outside putting her clothes on her clothesline.

It was sorta de ja vu. A coloring book was somewheres in there and a fig tree.

There was a scene  I was at the graveyard and she was sitting on the side of me. I woke up and cried because I remember that  day I went to the church and I learned they locked a church. I always thought a church was always opened at least during the day. I was in a pure panic mode  that day so I searched for her grave, found it and fell on her plot and sobbed telling her spirit all my problems and that Whoosh of peace and resolution came to me. She told me in her own way  what to do.

To this day I still say she saved me. I went to therapy and got my self esteem and confidence back.

Damn that was such a dark time for me I never want to get to again.

This analysis is easy, with the  holidays coming and people talking about their loved ones who have gone to haven. However, it strikes me weird that all the scenes did happen.

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