Sunday, November 14, 2010

Couch Sassion Dream

sAmazingly, my dream had nothing do with my lost car, Layla or being lost, kind of.

One of my BFF, Bee and I were cruising the streets when her car sputtered. The car was one of those pimped up big cars. It gave the aura of being out of gas.

I laughed and told Bee that Romnie would siphon gas for us. Evidently, it was a private joke between the 3 of us.

Romnie was another BFF of mine. He was a talented artist but never did anything with it from the best of my knowledge. I always thought it was a wasted talent. He hung around girls most of the time.  He worked at Shoe Department. It seems after graduation, he disappeared. When I lived in The Berry, I would meet up with his mom every once in a blue moon. She is a doll! I’d ask about Romnie. The last time I saw her, she said he had a stroke and was being taken care of by aides in New Orleans. I was totally bummd out.  I miss and love OUR ROMNIE!

Anyway, back to the dream. So I disclosed wondering what happened to him. Bee informed me that he was living in tow. I immediately declared that we should go see him.
She said he lived on Co chon Road. So we go down the road and she told me it would be on my side. So I excitedly called out the names of the street as we pass by. Finally, a bigger than normal street sign with
whizzed by. I yelled, “That’s it.” Bee exclaimed we would have to go around again. We went around the block about 4 times before we finally reached the street. I told her that it was near my house. Bee countered that my house was on the other side. I shrugged like I know where I live LOL.

When she turned, the beginning of the street was SLUM VALLEY. I exclaimed sadly, “Oh Bee!” She said, “Just wait, it gets better.” She was right, after a few miles the Slum Valley turned into a long winding road of homes, She finally turns onto a limestone driveway where a dilapidated mobile home was perched right smack in the middle of two mansions. 

Romnie was outside dressed in coveralls (I don’t think I ever saw Romnie in coveralls.) bending under the hood of a clunker truck.  Before Bee could turn the ignition off I jumped out t he car, running and screaming, “ROMNIE! ROMNIE!”

He pokes out his head looking curiously. He walks slowly towards me and realized it was me. He asked, “Lisa? What the hell?”  I go to hug him but he had oil all over his hands so he hugged m with his elbows. I was so excited I babbled asking him how he had been, how excited I was to see him etc.

He again, asked what I was doing there. I told him about the gas situation and he said he needed a beak and invited us to go inside with him. We walk in the trailer and I immediately saw how the outside was such a disguise. It was huge and beautiful inside.
This pregnant girl comes in and Romnie introduces her as Dorie. Awkwardness instantly transpired. However, I was just so thrilled to see Romnie. I saw that Dorie was pregnant, about 6 months along.

I stated the obvious, “you are pregnant!” She gazed at me like if her eyes could kill, she would. Romnie confirmed she was.

I exclaimed, “You are going to be a daddy. There is going to be a mini Romnie!” Dorie looked at Romnie. Romnie looked at Bee. Bee looked at Dorie. There was such tension in the air but I was just so excited to see Romnie.

We talked but I can’t remember any of it.

Then Bee stood up and said we would be leaving. Romnie walked us outside and we hugged again….Then I woke up.

ANALYSIS: I don’t know. I’ve been seeing Bee ‘liking’ my statuses and photos.”  COUCH SASSION for Co chon is kind of hilarious. Don’t know any Dories, or one I can remember. It had something to do with a car but at least it wasn’t mine LOL.

I wonder what Romnie is doing. It would be totally awesome if we could get together again one day.

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