Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well my dream was scattered somewhat. It was like a mini dream. All I remember is my two adoptive children (Layla's friends), were going to school with me. There was the three of us and 2 dudes...Bailey and Aimee were riding on my back to class. When we got to class, there was a chalkboard with a list of short stories to read. She was handing out papers and it seemed there was something wrong with our papers. I don't remember what except she told Aimee that it was okay and that she could write "them" a note. I woke up...

ANALYSIS: There goes school again.
My creative class was cancelled and rescheduled for March because teacher is having surgery. We could either get a refund or transfer to next session. There is a reason for everything. I have the packet she gave us so I can go through that.
Well in my previous entries I complained about my computers. Brought them to techs etc. Well I got one working on Ethernet. I was so aggravated I wanted it wireless so I can connect my printer and being that I couldn't connect for some reason I couldn't connect to my ITOUCH. But I figured it out. YEA BABY! WOOHOO.
I think on another entry I mentioned Bargain Bee. Every day there is a deal at local restaurants. You buy a voucher for 15 for value of 30, etc. My cousin introduced it to me so I started checking and I bought 3 thus far. Last night, Randal and I used one at Juliens. Depending on what they are going to be I was thinking I could get one as a gift for Christmas. It's not only for restaurants. I saw previous deals on massages, spray tanning, a museum, zip lining etc. If you should go check it out and decide to register (It's Free) I would appreciate it if you use me as a referral by clicking this . I would definitely appreciate it.

It's cold here..Okay you Northerners I know if you would come down here, you'd say I am crazy but I'm COLD. I hate when it gets cold, I'm chilled to the bones during this season.

Don't forget to set your clocks one hour back tonight for those who are on Daylight Savings Time.

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