Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Noisy Apartment Living

I hate thinking of a title for my entries because more than likely it'll be about different things.

My creative writing class was cancelled this week. It is Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks. The instructor is ill so we will discuss the make-ups when it is in session. I was really learning, only if it was a few classes. She is laid back and easy going. Because it was a continuing education class she does not give tests. She said that her first class she had her students share with the class but she lost two of them so she decided sharing was voluntary thereafter. I actually shared two of my poems I had written.

I live in a 2-story apartment. There are 8 apartments per unit. We are at the bottom because I could just see myself tumbling down the stairs one day. The three years we've lived here we have had no luck in having quiet neighbors upstairs.

The first neighbors were a family of 5. The  kids' ages ranged from 1 to about 7. They were some hellions! My kid was energetic and bouncy but if she would have made as much racket as the hellions did, her butt would be spanked and I never believed in spanking too much.

I have to mention one day I was getting out of the car and the two oldest was outside. There is no playground here so they had to play in the parking lot. Argh! Anyway, one of them had their weenie out and peeing like he was aiming. I told him that was not nice. He laughed. I told him it was not funny but he continued to laugh. I wanted to walk up to him and slap him!

After two years of hell they finally move out. Randal and I celebrated. We thought we could not get anyone as bad as them. WRONG! A Hispanic 20 something couple moves in. I don't know what they would do sometimes but it sounded like they walked back and forth on and on. Randal guessed they were exercising.

Then they would put the loud BOOM BOOM BOOM music on.  The kind that shook the windows. They put it on mostly during the day when Randal wasn't home. I griped but I guess he thought I was overreacting. But one weekend, they put it on at 10 am and it kept going. Does anyone have any idea how stressful that can be? It sounded like the same song over and over. We had to put our TV louder so we could hear it. Well 7 pm came and Randal had enough! Of course, the office was closed so he called the cops.

A friendly cop came and heard it. He went upstairs and told them if the police were called again, they would be given a citation and thereafter, something more  harsh. It finally got quiet except for their noise. It was hilarious when they had sex.

The guy would sing sometimes like he was practicing. I thought he better not quit his day job although we saw him work rarely.

Well, this weekend they moved out! I guess they were tired of us beating the ceiling and yelling to stop their noise when they would be banging something or walking or stomping like fools.

We understand we will hear noise. Floors creak, doors shut, water running and even talking etc. But when they become excessive, it can become stressful.

So the apartment is empty. I am praying that an old quiet couple moves in or just 2 quiet people.

In the meantime, I will enjoy my quiet.

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