Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing Down Dreams

It seems this blog has taken off to the Dream theme. So here I am.

Monday, I remember dreaming. However, I can't remember what it was. I remember thinking, 'Remember this dream'. Turned over and went back to sleep. I woke up and there you have it, I couldn't remember the dream.

I put a pad and pencil on my bedside for Tuesday. I remember dreaming and waking up. I repeated the dream in my head several times and thought I really should write this down. I was so tired and said to myself, 'Nah, I'll remember this one." Again, I forgot.

Last night, I dreamed. I couldn't remember one and the one I remember is all scattered. Of course, alot of my dreams are scattered. But anyway...

In my dream last night (or to be technical, this morning) I was in this house and I could look out the window and see houses that were being built in another place. Place as in different country or state. These homes had lights all around them and I was amazed how I could see them building the homes from so far away.

Then Layla came into the picture and told me that she was going to buy me a house and take care of me. I told her that she didn't have to, I was fine. She kept telling me she needed to. She said she would take care of me then go to school. I told her that didn't make sense. She had to go to school, make a career for herself and then, if I need, she can help me but until school is finished, she was not to worry about me.

Dream switched to being at my friend's house, JoAnn. We were exchanging gifts and she had given me a software program that was 20 years old but a masterpiece. The box said

The last segment was I was in a barren room on my bed. I had my earplugs in my ears but could hear someone honking their car horn. After a few minutes I went to the door and there was my friend Bee and her sister, Sheri. Once they saw me, Bee got out of the car and said, "Hey, I have to go to work in about 1/2 hour and was wondering if I can come every morning." I looked at her confused but said, "Sure".

I feel I am missing some pieces of my dreams but what can I do if I can't remember them? LOL.

ANALYSIS:  Bee: Well I have been looking at pics and getting FB messages from her. I did look at some pics on Sheri's FB.

Layla: I don't know what that is all about. There would be a definitely NO-NO for Layla to take care of me instead of going to school.  Her schooling is of utmost importance to me. House: Randal and I have talked some about building homes recently.

JoAnn and Software: I have no earthly idea.

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