Friday, November 12, 2010

Same Theme Dream

When I finally fell asleep last night, I must have dreamed all night. I'm dead tired today.

I was working at the nursing home I used to work  at but they only wanted to give me 4 hours. I didn't even want to work that many. I noticed the staff had different uniforms. The aides had a grey and baby blue pantsuit. The nurses had black uniforms. My former, coworker Gloria, came bouncing in saying, "Look who has finally came to work."  I looked at her and asked where she had been. Never got an answer.

My former Director of Nursing(DON) strolled in and said she didn't know I was coming in. I told her I could leave. She said that she wanted Layla, my daughter and college student to work the midnight shift. I told her I would not allow that.

Then the dream shifted to the DON saying there was going to be a state audit. I shrugged and asked what that has to do with me. She said if I wanted vacation I needed to talk to Ms. Boner. Yes folks, B-O-N-E-R. I thought that was a  really weird name.       

Layla came and told me that my car needed repairs. I went to the mechanic and he told me I had to changed the gas cap. I asked how much it was going to cost me and he said, "We can negotiate." I said, "Negotiate, my azz.".

ANALYSIS: Your guess is as good as mine. Theme is consistent: Working, Layla and car. What is with that?

Thanks for reading!

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