Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Piece of My Life

I feel so much better today. I had trouble sleeping last night. However, the last two hours of my sleep was a dream.  

Layla and Hannah were about 6 years old. Hannah’s mom and I were at this big house stirring something chocolate syrupy. I don’t recognize the house but it was on Main Street in The Berry. We were waiting to bring our girls to some kind of event at school. 

Layla and Hannah yelled they were going walk. Hannah’s mom said, “Okay.”

I asked, “Where to?”

They never answered and just left.   After a while I started getting worried and went find them. I found them, don’t remember where but I was royally irked. I pulled both of them in the car Hannah’s mom was driving. We got to NISH and there were cars entering and exit. Somehow we realize it was the wrong place. So we left and found the right place which looked like NISH again. In my dream none of us realized the buildings were the same. However, we were relieved.  

That’s all I remember LOL.  

Analysis; It seemed like I was going in circles. 

I had lunch at Picante with Kathy. Our waiter was strange. He was polite but looked high or something.

Kathy asked for the bill after our huge meal giving him the voucher. He returned and said we owed $4 and change. I gave him my debit card when he returned with my card and receipt to sign it had 1.38. That was a change from $4 to $1 don’t you think? So I gave him a tip to equal to what he said the first time.  

As we were moving to leave a girl yelled to turn something around. Kathy and I had no idea what she was talking about so we just left.  

She followed me to the mechanic. The first step I walked in the door I smelled smoke. There was this man sitting in a chair. There was a cat sleeping on the computer screen He asked me what he could do for me. I told him I had a 2000 Saturn SL1 to be checked. I described my problem. He reaches for an invoice and asks me what kind of car. Didn’t I just say that? He was wheezing big time. I thought he was going to fall over any time.  

Kathy and I came to my apartment and we chatted until she left. Twenty minutes later,

Randal walked in with a bag of stuff he bought at discount. He reminded me of Santa. He is not as heavy as Santa but with the packages, he just reminded me of Santa.

He is MY Santa Claus

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