Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hustle and bustle

The last three days has been hustle and bustle. Sunday my family came for my dad’s 73rd celebration. I was curious to see who would show up. Surprisingly, my brother in law TB, my sister, MB, her pregnant daughter, BB (If I haven’t said it yet, I am going to be a GREAT AUNT of a boy due April Fool’s day!), my mom, dad and then the three of us, RQ, LG and me My “throw me out of his birthday party rude” nephew AB, and his girlfriend BC and pregnant BB's boyfriend., SC.

My sister and brother in law were hung over after partying with everyone I mentioned except “us” and my parents the previous evening.  BB said her boyfriend were sleeping as he was hung over and getting ready to go offshore (Reasonable excuse). MB said they went to AB’s apartment to pick up their truck as BB was the only one who didn’t drink so drove her to her parents’ home because they were too intoxicated to drive.  MB said they rang the doorbell and not a peep, AB and SC must have been passed out.

But it was a great day. Everyone was calm and talked civilly. My sister brought the birthday cake and it was a Devil Dog cake or something like that. I cooked red beans, rice, sausage and coleslaw. Simple meal but good meal.

Everyone left at about 2:30 and we watched the end of the Saints game. Damn they sucked but won! A win is a win but they struggled.

Then yesterday, Monday after My Love got off work we drove to the mall. We knew which entrance to enter to get to customer service so we parked near there. We strolled in and out a few stores. First, we strolled into Journey, I bought my daughter some lip rings or whatever you call them as she pierced her lip a few weeks ago. (Arghhhh) We also strolled into
Sports Avenue
because they had LSU, UL and Saints products. We didn’t buy anything there. We made it to Customer Service and bought our gift cards. Then we saw GameStop. We can’t pass a GameStop! Didn’t buy anything there either but saw some interesting Wii games. I just subscribed to Game Fly and we test them out before we buy them or just send them back.

We made it back to our car and drove to Best Buy. We wandered around there. The Kinect didn’t work with us but it worked for the guy before us so go figure. We don’t have X-Box anyway. HA!

Then we went to a place that sells Wine and similar items. The guy looked like a guy that was married to one of my best friends. Thankfully, it wasn’t him. They had so many different kinds of wine and the prices. I think I’ll stick with Boone’s Farm and Arbor Mist thank you very much, unless someone buys me some. I like the white wine more than the red.

After that we picked up some fried chicken from Church’s friend chicken. When I lived in the Berry, the Church’s fried chicken was awful and at the wrong end of town. But where I live now is awesome and they have coupons. We got an 8 piece of legs and thighs, mashed taters, coleslaw and 4 biscuits for 10 bucks.

We are finished Christmas shopping although I want to buy my daughter some copying paper since I am giving her a printer.

Today, Tuesday, I woke up at 6:30 and miserably cold. I hate this cold weather and getting up so early sucks. So I start my car and hear this roaring sound and my RPM dial went to 2. I’m like HOLY COW. All the way to the Berry when I lift off my gas it feels like its going to stall and when I put the brake on it does the same thing. I hate car repairs. I hate being without my car while being repaired.

Anyway, I made it to the doctor’s office. I gained 5 lbs (YEA ME!)  Making to the 100 lbs slowly, presently at 89. I know! I’m sorry for those of you are struggling with their weight.LOL). I love my family doctor. I can talk about anything with him. I make him laugh so there! They drew a vial of blood to check my thyroid as I am hypothyroid. That is one condition that just came out of the blue sky. But it certainly explains my tiredness etc. (Gotta have some kind of excuse right?)

So after I paid my $16.16 (Medicare is weird in that way.) I went to my pregnant niece’s shop and got my hair cut. It needed it so badly. After I made my way to Legnon’s Butcher and got some crawfish and regular boudin. I get in my car and realize I hadn’t reminded him of my FLU shot.

I know some of you don’t believe in the FLU shot. Yes, you can still get the flu but with my immune system and respiratory disease I realize it is the best for me. Before I started taking the flu shot I would catch the flu and it would either turn into pneumonia or I would be sick as a dog 14 days and it would take me just as long to get back to “MY NORM.”

Anyway, I called Dr. Hankenhof’s office back and the receptionist said they had no more flu shots. She suggested Walgreens. I refuse to step into Walgreen’s. So I called CVS as I go there and remembered seeing a sign. They said it was $30 bucks and they tried running it through with Medicare and it refused it.  But what else was I going to do? So I mad an appointment at 3 pm.

I drove towards the highway to be on my way home. Right when I was getting ready to get on the Interstate I thought of my pulmonologist (Same building, different floor of my family doctor. They all know me very well as my family doctor’s staff, I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not), It was almost 10 am. The receptionist told me 11:45 am. I thought DAMN! I wanted to be home before noon. I asked if I could go then, I could be there in 10 minutes. After putting me on hold she said YES! So I went back to where my initial stop was and got my flu shot. I had to wait about 15 minutes but hey! What can I say? I didn’t have to pay anything as Medicare covers it (My earned money I put in when I was working). A big difference from 30 bucks to nothing eh?

I could give you stories of stupid drivers on the road but won’t go there. But perfect reason why I hate to drive anymore. I do it but don’t mean I have to like it HA!

After stopping for gas and the mail, I made it home at 12:15.  My Love and I had boudin and he had soup also. You know that nasty Ramen noodle ½ salt soup? I called CVS to cancel my appointment. She asked why? I told her I got it without costing me 30 dollars. She said, “OH.” I called our mechanic and he said I can drop my car off any time tomorrow so I wrote to my cousin who I’m having lunch with asking if she would come up with me after lunch to drop my car off and bring me home and she said yes. If not, I would have made it somehow. Thanks CUZ.

I all of a sudden got drowsy and the soreness of my arm started. I don’t know why the flu shot does that to me. This time my whole right side hurts from my head to my arm. I think it is coincidence. But anyway, I went to bed and slept soundly for 2 hours.

Okay here’s my dream. I’ve been dreaming for the past 3 days and I remember them and tell Randal but we both forget. Yes I have a pad and pen at my bedside but I don’t think of that “BOP MYSELF IN THE HEAD OWWW”.

In my dream it started out that I was in a house ex and I rented on Weeks Street when we first got together. The kitchen had a big screen TV showing this black dude talking on what looked like a talk show and he was laughing and said he had the hots for Oprah. I thought (in my dream) eww that is wrong! I had just had my flu shot in my dream and was feeling pretty much the same way before I fell asleep. I went to my bed which the living room was the bedroom (Am I confusing any of you yet) on this hug bed and fell asleep.

My dream suddenly switched to serving myself red beans and rice and thinking the red beans was too dry and didn’t have enough gravy.

I can’t remember the rest.


Weeks St. House and the rooms different—No idea. It was our first decent place we rented before we were married. Haven’t thought of that place in ages.
FLU shot: Obvious I just got a flu shot.
Red beans obvious-had some Sunday but it had enough gravy so go figure.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays! Please do not drive after drinking, while texting or on cell phone. Have fun and be safe.


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