Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Do I TItle This--Dream...SIlent Meal, Overdue Book Not Overdue?

My dream last night started with Layla and I driving to Avery Island. We couldn't get passed the toll both so we parked in the parking lot and we started walking. We walked the whole island bantering. She would tell me I was walking too slow and I told her to stop walking too fast. I told her she wasn't going to get there any faster walking that fast (I know it does not make sense but its exactly what I said LOL).

As we were walking, Nanny whizzed by with Aunt Carol and Uncle Glenn. Nanny is my dad's stepmother, Uncle Glenn is my dad's half-brother and Aunt Carol is my Uncle Trac'y's wife, another half brother to my dad  I wondered to Layla why they didn't stop to pick us up.

We finally get to the resturant..It was near to where the salt mine is where i used to live. Nanny and them hadn't arrived. You could order just about anything. I had enchiladas and tacos and Layla had what looked like pig in the blankets. We sit down to eat and the other 3 finally get there.

It was weird because my Uncle Glenn came sit with us but said very little. Nanny and Aunt Carol sat at  a table 2 tables behind us. I wondered why they wouldn't come sit with us but we ate in..silence. Uncle Glenn seemed like he didn't want to be there.

All of a sudden,he gets up and goes to the cash register. He returns with a receipt of 183,00. I thanked him for buying our meals. He just shrugged. So I asked Layla how much money she had so we can leave a tip. She had $5 and I had $20. So I put the 20 on the table. Layla picked it up and said, "Don't leave anything, they didn't even wait on us." I took it out of her hand, slammed it on the talbe and told her to leave the money there.

We started walking back. Layla and I continued our dream changed.

We were at a library and the librarian said we had to hurry.  I only had enough time to pick one book.

When  I went to check it out the librarian asked if I had my library card. I told her it was down in my purse and didn't feel like digging for it.

She takes the book and says, "Fifty cents."

 I asked, "Fifty cents?"

 She responds, "Yes, it is overdue."

 I laughed and said, "I didn't even check it out yet."

She looks on the inside of the book and announces the book was due yesterday. I got flustered and said, "Let me get this straight! I don't have time to get more than one book because you say you are suppose to be closing when its not even closing time, I pick a book and you say its fifty cents and its overdue when I didn't even check out the book."

She looks at me with a sarcastic grin. I dig in my purse and hand  her my library card. 

She annoucnes again "Fifty cents."

Frustrated,  I turn to Layla and asked her if she had any money. She asked what I needed money for, holding an armful of books.

I told her what the librarian said. She looked confused and said, "Why pay 50 cents?"

I shrugged and we looked at the librarian who was not even paying attemtion to us. Then I woke up.

Analysis: Do I really want to even try? Well the money on the table might be from watching, "What Would You DO?". There was a segment about a guy stealing a waitress' tip off the table.

Nanny is deceased. I haven't seen my uncles and aunts on dad's side for years.

Layla and I bantering..well that's us sometimes.

I haven't been able to remember my dreams for several nights and this is one I remember. "SIGH"

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