Monday, February 21, 2011

An Inspiration-Father of Special Needs Children

I've been following a father who has 11 children with 3 of them having special needs. Two have severe cerebral palsy. On Facebook, this man always writes moments of their lives, mostly with humor. He has a website that everyone should check out. He has a video summarizing his life and the special needs kids. His facebook ID is Roy L Ellis.

I've watched the video many times and every time it never fails that my heart becomes heavy. It's such an inspiration.

At first I thought this could have been me. I was lucky to not have CP as severe as these girls, Emma and Hope. But then again, there is nothing to feel lucky about because these kids are so loving and smart, even with the severity of their disabilities. They are indeed special! They are a gift of God to these parents who took it and approached it with nothing but love and compassion. You can see in the words of this man how happy he is and proud of these kids accomplisments.

I can't seem to explain exactly how I feel. I admire this man. I see the kids and know God is watching over this family. I always comment that he is an angel and he is. He takes each day and finds humor and hope in every situation.

I hope he doesn't mind me writing and posting this but his post about the daughter-dance just inspired me to write although I have failed to express my true feelings.

Alot of people should see the video and follow Roy, It can make your perspective of things more positive.

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